Whether it’s because someone is too shy to exercise in front of people or simply because they can’t afford a gym membership, there are many reasons why one would only exercise at home, out of view of other people and using your own home equipment. Many don’t realize or don’t think that it’s possible to get fully fit and have an efficient exercise routine from staying at home. In fact, if you put your mind to it, it’s easier than having to pack your bags, get in a car and head to the gym.

99 Workouts No Equipment Required

Not only is it important to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet throughout the day but perhaps more importantly is performing daily exercise. Whether it’s only for as little as 15 minutes per day, a bit of regular daily workouts from home will make sure you support a great figure and healthy mind.

Following a home workout doesn’t have to be repetitive, either. There are so many free exercises you can do to keep a varied routine and achieve varied muscle workouts. From the couch to the stairs, from medicine ball workouts to making use of the door frame, let’s examine where we can do awesome home workouts around the house.

6 Great Exercises and Workouts You Can do in Your Home

  1. Chair workouts: Tricep dips (trips, abs) ab crunches (abs), Incline press-up (chest, deltoids, triceps).
  2. Stair workouts: Heel raises (calves, quads), Step-ups (calves, quads).
  3. Floor workouts: Sit-ups (abs), Press-ups (deltoids, pectorals, triceps).
  4. Sofa workouts: Elevated press-up (deltoids, chest, triceps), Elevated plank (abs, back)
  5. Garden workouts: Burpees (glutes, quads, deltoids, chest, triceps) Running (quads, calves), Skipping (Hamstrings, glutes, triceps).
  6. Ball exercises: Hamstring curls (hamstrings, glutes), Sit-ups with ball in hands (abs, deltoids).

Here's a few chair exercises from my Whole Life Fitness Manifesto “Power 30” program:

Daily home workouts can also start with small things like general house chores. There are so many calories to be burnt by just doing house chores and you can also kill two birds with one stone by working out and dusting your house or ironing your clothes. This list of household chores enables you to see how many calories you can burn by simply cleaning up:

  • Vacuuming – 15 minutes will burn 90 calories
  • Window cleaning – 30 minutes will burn 125 calories
  • Ironing – 1 hour will burn 140 calories
  • Dusting – 20 minutes will burn 70 calories
  • Washing the car – 30 minutes will burn 143 calories
  • Stair climbing – 15 minutes will burn 143 calories
  • Walking briskly – 20 minutes will burn 100 calories

Take a look at this detailed infographic by Wayfair and learn the easiest ways to get fit at home using furniture and space around the house.

Infographic: The Easiest ways to Get Fit at Home

easy ways to get fit at home infographic

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