Boosting low testosterone levels is a hot topic, but how can you do it safely and naturally?

There are millions of guys taking dangerous steroids and millions more buying junk testosterone supplements that claim to boost your testosterone levels naturally. Fortunately there are scientifically proven and healthy ways to naturally boost your production of testosterone without all this B.S.

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Below are 6 healthy and simple ways to boost your body's natural production of testosterone. These are easy to blend into your daily routine, and will make a noticeable difference very quickly.

6 Healthy and Natural Ways to Increase and Boost your Testosterone Levels

#1. Eating Certain Vegetables

Scientific studies have demonstrated that vegetables that contain indole-3-carbinol can have a positive impact on estrogen metabolism in men. This will then help you to meet your ideal level of testosterone production. This nutrient is found naturally in many green and root vegetables, such as brussels sprouts, cabbage, turnip, rutabaga, bok choy, and broccoli. Try to get 1 or 2 servings of vegetables from this group into your daily meal plan.

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#2. Get More Protein

Meat proteins are especially useful when weightlifting. Research has shown that meat increases your testosterone levels and generates increased amounts of muscle mass. Meat also involves far more than just red meat. Chicken, fish, pork, buffalo, turkey, and many more options exist for getting your protein consumption in.

#3. Eat the Right Kinds of Fats

Fats happen to be the most dense source of energy for your body. Every gram of fat has more than twice the calories found in a gram of protein or carbohydrate. The healthy fats found in meat, olive oil, dairy, avocados, most nuts, flax-seed oil, and a number of other foods, are an important part of your overall health. Fats will help you absorb the nutrients that you feed it, maintain cell structures, feed your nervous system, regulate your hormone levels, and much more. Studies have demonstrated that men whose diets are full of healthy fats will have higher levels of testosterone than those whose diets are lacking these fats.

It is a common misconception that eating the saturated fats found in animal products is harmful to your health. However, this is untrue. Saturated fats may actually help to cut the risk of heart disease. The fat that should be avoided is trans fat, which is a modified type of saturated fat that has been designed to give food a longer shelf life. This is the type of fat found in packaged foods, and fried foods are usually cooked in trans fat. This is the type of fat you want to avoid altogether, as it has been associated with many serious health complications.

#4. Relax

The body reacts to stress by making more of a hormone called cortisol that leads to a reduction in fat and muscle tissue, and which can interfere with your production of testosterone. Cortisol is also associated with an increase in appetite and the accumulation of belly fat, which can easily turn into a vicious cycle if your stress levels of high regularly.

Try not to let the little things get to you as much, don't over-train, and set a bit of time aside each day for chilling out. You'll not only be a happier and better person for it, but you'll notice bigger gains in the gym as well.

#5. Sleep Enough

Most people work long hours and then sacrifice sleep to make time for themselves during the evening. This is perfectly natural, but not a good habit to get into. Studies have shown that lack of sleep will cut your testosterone levels. They have also shown that restricted sleep will make losing weight more difficult, and you will lose more muscle during caloric restriction. Try to aim for between 7 and 9 hours every night.

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#6. Have a Lot of Sex

As expected, sex will increase your levels of testosterone, so you can tell your girl that it's not only important for love and passion, but for health benefits as well.

No more asking ‘how to increase testosterone'?

Instead of simply buying the next highly marketed supplement, try these methods for naturally boosting your testosterone levels. And remember, if all else fails, HIIT training is another great way to pump the HgH levels naturally.

Have fun and keep chasing awesomeness!

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