Men that have excess estrogen in their body can suffer in many ways—it will not only change features on the outside of the body, but it can actually do a lot of harm to the inside of the body as well.

There are a few ways that excess estrogen can find its way into a body; environmental estrogens are found in things like some herbicides and pesticides, and can be found in food, air, and water. Excess body fat carries an enzyme that is called “aromatase” know to convert testosterone into estrogen. Additionally, as the body ages, it produces less of the human growth hormone—this leads to increased body fat leading to more estrogen, and it could become a never ending cycle.

10 Ways to Reduce Estrogen Overload and Regain a Lost Manhood

#1 Dangers of High Estrogen Levels in Men

Studies have been done to explore the consequences of raised estrogen levels in men, and these studies have shown that men can be subject to an increased risk of cardiovascular troubles as well as death, have double the risk of a stroke, can have a higher risk of prostate cancer, and can experience increased inflammation in the body. There are ways to tell when there is an increased level of testosterone in the body—it can be marked by: excess body fat, low sex drive, enlarged breasts (gynecomastia), loss of body hair, poor memory, low stress tolerance, erectile dysfunction, shrinking testes, and depression/fatigue/low energy. While moderate levels of estrogen are normal for men, high levels are a cause for worry.

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#2 How to Reduce Estrogen Levels

Before rebuilding testosterone levels, it is vital to reduce estrogen levels first, so that there is no risk of overdosing on testosterone. This can actually lead to even higher levels of estrogen. Here are some of the best things that you can do in order to get a body back on track for reduced levels of estrogen while promoting the production of testosterone.

#3 Take a Look at Your Diet

Managing insulin is vital to improving body composition, and high levels of insulin can produce a bad endocrine profile that inhibits estrogen metabolism. To make positive changes in a diet, get carbs from fruit and vegetable sources to increase antioxidants in the body and improve gut health. Omega-3 fats can be found in fish, and are vital for the metabolizing of estrogen. Protein contains lysine and threonine, and supports liver function to metabolize estrogen. Find this in eggs, beans, meat, and fish.

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#4 Promote the C-2 pathway

Improve estrogen metabolism through the promotion of the C-2 pathway. This helps the metabolizing of estrogen, and can be seen as one of the most important things to do in order to prevent cancer. The first thing to know is that this pathway produces weak activity for estrogen, and is linked with “good estrogen”. Promote this pathway by consuming B vitamins, fish oils, and phytoestrogens. The B vitamins promote the pathway and can also decrease gene activity as estrogen becomes bound to a receptor. Cruciferous vegetables can aid in the overall process of lifestyle changes associated with reducing estrogen.

#5 Decrease Body Fat

The more fat that is in the body, the more estrogen will be present because fat tissue actually increases the enzyme that converts testosterone into estrogen. When the amount of body fat is decreased and lean mass is increased, estrogen can be more efficiently eliminated. This can seem like a vicious cycle, once on track it makes sense. As this is started, higher testosterone levels will help create a beneficial cycle of working out to produce testosterone, and having enough testosterone to be able to work out.

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#6 Detox Estrogen with Phytoestrogens

Phytoestrogen will eliminate estrogen from the body—chemical and natural. They are plant-based compounds that will bind to estrogen receptors. When this happens, they are essentially taking the place of real estrogen. Isoflavones and lignans are main sources of phytoestrogens and are known to decrease aromatase and shift the metabolism of estrogen to a safer pathway. The best way to consume phytoestrogens is to incorporate sesame, flax, leafy greens, alfalfa, clover, and legumes into your diet.

#7 Eliminate Bad Bacteria

Ensuring complete elimination can be done by ensuring adequate amounts of magnesium and SAMe. Bad bacteria can cause estrogen to uncouple from glucuronic acid and become absorbed back into the bloodstream, raising estrogen levels in the body and damaging tissue. To avoid this, ensure a healthy gut by consuming plenty of dietary fiber and lignans to ensure good bacteria in the gut.

#8 Improve Gastrointestinal Health

Gastrointestinal health that is poor may prevent the excretion of excess estrogen from the body while leading it to be reabsorbed. Dietary fiber leads to a healthy gut and reduces the chance of estrogen breaking apart on its way out of the body. When estrogen is broken down in the large intestine, it will enter the circulation system. Dietary fiber can be consumed in many forms, including leafy greens, flax, and bran. It is also essential to include probiotics and prebiotics in the diet, as this will increase the good bacteria that is found in the guy while supporting the function of neurotransmitters.

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#9 Block Aromatase

Prevent testosterone from turning into estrogen—do this by blocking aromatase. It is the main character in the production of estrogen in men. When aromatase is present in the body, there becomes 2 chances for estrogen to get produced in the body. The first and most simple concept is that aromatase will turn testosterone into estrogen, point blank. Secondly, the hormone called androstenedione will be converted to testosterone, unless aromatase is present. If it is present, then it will be turned into estrogen. Green tea, melatonin, zinc, and selenium are all nutrients that will have an effect on aromatase. (you can also find products that combine these ingredients into a blocker)

#10 Get the Right Nutrients

Essential nutrients are one of the best ways to ensure that estrogen can be properly metabolized through the body. This includes B vitamins, omega-3s, zinc, and nutrients found in cruciferous vegetables, selenium, magnesium, melatonin, and green tea. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant that helps with the elimination of estrogen. Low levels of vitamin E can be associated with higher levels of estrogen and can inhibit the growth of cancer cells in the breasts and prostate. Do know that too much aromatase is what causes high levels of estrogen—broccoli and the like are what is able to block this enzyme.

Limit Chemical Estrogen Exposure

Limiting chemical estrogen exposure is a very important strategy for preventing cancer. While on its own, chemical estrogen contact isn't a death sentence, but you'd have to have a lean body composition, perfect nutrition, and a large proportion of muscle mass in order to be totally protected from excess estrogen. Unfortunately, chemical estrogens are nearly everywhere. It is only in recent years that the mainstream medical community has recognized the harm that chemical estrogens can cause for everyone.

Be Aware of Beverages

There are hidden dangers is drinks consumed on a daily basis. Alcohol will increase estrogen levels in women as well as men, and it has been proven to decrease testosterone. To metabolize estrogen effectively, it is recommended to eliminate the consumption of all alcohol except red wine. Specifically, Spanish and Sardinian wines are high in antioxidants that will work to reduce estrogens. Merlot and Pinot are also good choices.

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