Your Body, Mind, and Spirit – Mental, emotional, and physical health are all keys to maintaining happiness and excellent health. If you aren’t happy mentally, the other two can’t keep your soul happy, and you can find yourself becoming sick or weak.

All three areas of your health need to be in optimal condition, or your body won’t function correctly. Most of these focus on your physical health, however, there are a few options to help with all of your health areas.

The 7 Best Exercises That Will Increase Your Happiness Starting Now

These seven exercises are proven to increase the chemicals in your brain to make you happy while giving you energy and something to look forward to throughout your day. Find the ones you like, the ones you want to try, or just try them all for fun to find what best suits you as an individual!

#1: Cycling

Cycling doesn’t seem like much, but getting on your bike and riding around the neighborhood can increase your happiness tenfold. By getting outside, cycling through your neighborhood, a nearby park, or even to work, will significantly improve your mood and make you happier.

Put on your shoes, helmet, and hop on your bike for a bike ride with benefits that far outweigh the disadvantages of riding. Any bike will do as long you’re comfortable, and your possibilities of destinations are entirely up to your disposal!

#2: Yoga

Yoga is beneficial for your health. Yoga is a relaxing, but challenging, exercise that is made to get to your core and show you just what you are made of and then push you even more. When I first got started, I thought Yoga was easy and simple, and I didn’t believe that it was doing anything for me. Four years later and I was proven wrong.

Yoga first starts you with poses that seem easy to do and then gradually grow to become more complicated. As you change your level between beginner, immediate, and advanced, you are given more positions and are pushed harder than when you first started.

By doing this, you are taking what you think you know and then throwing it out the window. You must adapt, change, and grow throughout Yoga. You begin to question your core self as you continue with each pose and practice in quiet places. Yoga helps you find who you are, especially while in a pose and your searching for who you are in the quietness.

#3: Walking Your Pet or a Friend

Strap a leash to your furry friend or call one up, but either route you choose, you won’t regret it. You might be thinking that “I don’t even have a dog!” and that’s okay because cats, guinea pigs, and rabbits all love to go for walks (mostly).

Taking a walk with a companion is an excellent opportunity to build bonds, create new dynamics in friendships, and help gain health in all three areas. While you may want to pour your heart out, gossip, or talk about sports, either friend will be there to listen to you.

This walk is about you and your companion, make sure to talk and listen, as well as offer advice when necessary and always be open-minded. These walks will significantly improve your emotional and mental health as well as get you into physical shape.

#4: Hiking

Hiking is an enjoyable experience that challenges you and humbles you. Start small if you’ve never hiked and then push yourself when you’re ready. Hike small mountains until you can really get through those long walks.

Hiking is a wonderful way to experience nature, animals you wouldn’t normally see, and something you can do with other people if you want. Reaching the top of your hiking destination will make you feel proud and accomplished, which will boost your self-esteem and give you confidence.

When you look at the view and see just how small you are in comparison to the magnificent surroundings and the endless world in front of you, you will feel humble and amazed.
Hiking is a wonderful way to feed your health and your soul, as well as make you feel like you’re apart of something much bigger than you could ever imagine.

#5: Meditate

“Meditation isn’t an exercise!” but you would be wrong to say that. Studies have now shown that for every 1 minute of meditation you commit to is the equivalent of every 25 minutes of running for the first few weeks of starting; then it lowers as if you were running and would need to commit to a longer time.

Meditation is a terrific way to free your mind, ease your soul and open your heart. You listen to the world around you while shutting down the chaos and finding a peaceful place to relax and be at peace. Meditation is recommended either in the morning or the middle of the day, but it is not ideal for helping yourself get to sleep.

#6: Aerobics

Aerobics is a fun and crazy way to get your body hyped and ready to go. Aerobics instill a sense of jauntiness to your day and your body, and it helps you wake up, gain energy, and get fit. An excellent exercise will have your body aching but your energy levels high and you able to focus and achieve more throughout your day.

#7: Dancing

Dancing may seem like a fun event rather than exercise, but that’s why gyms have implemented more dancing classes and things such as Zumba have become so popular. Dancing makes people excited and happy. You are learning new dances and can use them when you are at dance parties, clubs, and even for those special date nights!

Dancing is a high calorie burning workout that gives you energy and is why people can dance all night. Dancing is a great activity, workout, and mood booster for whenever you have time!

So, Ready to Improve Upon You?

Being at full health will make you appreciate yourself, your body, and your activities more. Knowing that when you are sick, or when you feel sad or hurt, your health is not benefitted by these things if they are prolonged periods of time.

You need to make time for you and get yourself healthy and full of life!

What are some of your favorite exercises to take part in and how do you make time for them?

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Author Bio: Denise Nelson

Denise is a profound lover of the cross country mountain bike. Worked as a trainer for 6 years. Also considers herself a great mountain bikers. ​Co-founder of a private biking lessons school. Owns a small fitness store in NY.

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