What are the effects of marijuana on exercising?

That’s a hot topic for a discussion. For this reason, proper information on its relationship with cannabis use is what many people need – and for that, dispensary marketing can help (spreading awareness and information on the otherwise new and highly regulated industry that is yet to be legalized in all states).

So, What Are the Major Effects of Weed on Exercising?

Lately, more and more athletes, bodybuilders and even fitness coaches have been turning to marijuana for its (positive) effects on exercise.  And whether your goal for exercising is muscle growth, improved function or strengthened immune system, you’re probably in the midst of deciding whether or not use it for yourself, too. Here are some reasons to consider it.

1. Athletic Performance

If you’re an athlete, you’re always looking for ways on how to improve your performance in training and the games themselves.

And right now, cannabis and its potential benefits and effects on athletic performance turn out to be one of the hottest discussions at the gyms and on tracks.

But it seems cannabis is steadily becoming popular among athletes (although still banned as a performance enhancer). Neuroscientists from the University of Sao Paulo, writing in the Frontiers of Psychiatry, revealed that smoking weed could be aiding in extreme sports as it can improve muscle relaxation and vanishes fear – both leading to enhanced performance. It does improve sleep time and speeds up recovery, other worth-noting benefits essential for improved sports performance as well. (More on sleep time and recovery later)

2. Muscle Growth

If you’re in doubt how marijuana can help you gain, remember one name “Arnold,” who once said that weed is not a drug but a leaf (Pumping Iron documentary).

Arnold wasn't just the "Governator" - here's a "green" screen grab from his documentary Pumping Iron

Arnold wasn't just the “Governator” – here's a “green” screen grab from his documentary Pumping Iron

[The 7-time Mr. Olympia smoked weed but maybe not very often, but still did.]

Cannabidiol supplements may help bodybuilders gain muscle fast. How does it work?

Studies had it that CBD could reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, in the body; thus, CBD’s stress-reducing property would stop cortisol from hindering muscle growth.

And with lower stress levels, you’ll have an improved energy – to push yourself harder at the gym or in the racetracks. It also does improve endurance and stamina – to last longer with consistent energy level (and motivation).

Along these lines, muscle builders also turn to CBD for anti-catabolic effects that lower catabolic hormone levels.  What does it mean for you?  It only means that what you gained won’t be lost quickly but you would instead gain more muscle fast.

3. Pain Management

Dealing with joint inflammation is a major challenge in exercise. For some, using supplements, such as fish oil is the answer, but it is CBD oil for others.

Here is why: Cannabidiol can reduce inflammation. For example, if you’re dealing with pain due to injury, CBD can reduce it and help you get more of your workouts.

Also, athletes deal with a great amount of pain daily, and many are starting to realize how weed is a safer pain management alternative.  In fact, Nate Jackson, an ex Denver Broncos player, once noted to Denver Post that marijuana helps to relieve muscle pain.

[Here’s more on his relationship with pot and reasons he prefers it, not painkillers.]

Jackson spoke of the abuse his body took playing football, and such included separated shoulders, torn muscles, and torn ligaments. He along with former NFL players joined forces with other concerned groups to raise at least $100,000 for initial CBD studies’ funding.

Here’s the thing: Muscle wears out during exercise, leading to pain after.  This is when weed comes in because it acts as a painkiller and muscle relaxer, helping you feel relaxed and relieved from pain.

Bottom line: Weed has anti-inflammatory properties that aid in pain management.   It can even be the safer alternative to mainstream pain medicines. And with that said, weed can help athletes work out and train harder – and who wouldn’t like that?

4. Improved Mindset

CBD improved your overall state of mind, keeping your mind and body active and motivated.  For this reason, athletes who want to boost their bodybuilding results might want to try CBD supplements or edibles and incorporate it into their workout or muscle building plan.  And regarding motivation, cannabis can also help you develop new exercise routines to suit your changing body and needs.

5. Lowered Stress Level

If there were one thing that you don't like to suffer from in bodybuilding, it is stress.  A little can be good but higher levels (due to increased cortisol levels) can slow down your muscle growth. But with CBD, you can lower your stress levels to let you focus on muscle building, not worrying about it.

6. Improved Sleep

You know how important that is to achieve quality sleep in athletic performance and bodybuilding. Getting enough rest aids in faster muscle recovery.

As without enough of shut eyes, you won’t rebuild or repair torn muscles that come with bodybuilding. Your body will also have trouble in synthesizing protein into the muscles.

How can CBD help improve sleep? It does create the sleepy and relaxation effect, letting you fall and stay asleep longer.

7. Upped Energy Level

Energy is essential for exercise and bodybuilding.  CBD shines in this department as well because it helps in regulating blood sugar levels that affect the amount of insulin your body’s manufacturing. And by saying that CBD control blood glucose levels, it only means your body will burn more glucose.

How does it affect energy levels, then?  As your body will burn more glucose, not converting it to fat, you can have steady fuel (or energy) supply.  That translates to one thing: consistent energy to the end of your workout and improved muscle building results.

How Dispensary Marketing Helps Spread Info on These Effects

All these are not to say that everyone will achieve the same results – as each individual is unique. Thus, cannabis effects on exercising vary.

But the bottom line to these things boil down to one lesson: People need sufficient and proper information on the positive effects of weed on athletic performance, fitness, bodybuilding, and exercise as a whole.  For that, dispensary marketing can help because it spreads awareness on the otherwise young industry that has the potential to conquer mainstream markets soon for its proven exercise benefits that not only one or two studies have already proven.

Definitely, there is still a long way to go for cannabis to prove its health benefits, but the above is a great way to start in realizing the positive (and potential) benefits of using cannabis for exercise.

Author Bio:

Bjorn Wallman is the co-founder and CEO at Hazy Marketing, a specialized marketing agency catering to the cannabis industry. Founder and CEO at Once Interactive as well, he has 8+ years of experience in transforming businesses to digital. Also a designer, Crossfitter, Liverpool FC fan and a tech geek.


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