Between juggling full-time jobs, hobbies, kids, and other commitments, how often do you spend quality time with your significant other?

According to a study from the University of Lincoln who studied a group of almost 10,000 couples, 36% of married couples hardly ever go out on a date night together.

The reality is that most couples simply don’t plan romantic nights in/out often enough.

But they really should.

Aside from renewing their connection, making each other feel special, and creating new memories together, couples who go on dates together tend to last longer too.

According to the same study (as mentioned above) “It turns out, the couples who had date nights once a month had the highest odds of staying together.”

So now that we’ve covered the why you should make room for date nights, let’s discuss why learning to Ballroom dance together may just be the perfect dating activity for you.

There are many mental and physical benefits to Ballroom dancing so let’s explore them below.

Here are 7 great reasons all couples should learn how to social dance together

Reason #1: Physical Contact

One of the great things about Ballroom dancing is that it is done with both partners connecting to one another through their arms and hands. As you transition from move to move, you’ll be gliding your hands in each other’s palms, brushing each other’s waists and getting close to one another. So if you lack intimacy, Ballroom dancing will bring it back fast.

Reason #2: Enjoy Leading & Following

Sometimes it’s just nice to have the man take charge and lead their lady around the floor. In today’s workforce, many women take on roles that require “leading” when in personal life they may just want to “be led” and feel like for just a few hours they don’t need to think about anything – and just follow. Partner dancing is the perfect opportunity for the men to take the “leader” position, while the ladies can enjoy following them.

Reason #3: Exercise Together

Not only will you be connecting romantically but you’ll also be exercising and burning calories together. Ballroom dancing is one of the most physically demanding art forms that will work out your legs, hips, arms, back and more. The best part is that you will be so busy trying to get the steps, leads, and timing, that you’ll forget you’re even exercising in the first place.

Reason #4: Disconnect from devices/internet

As mentioned in the beginning most of us lead extremely busy lives and we often spend way too much time online, on Facebook, on our phones, etc.. It’s hard to disconnect but really rewarding if you can do so. Dancing together will force you to put your phones down and just enjoy the movement and music. As you drift into the present moment, you will spend quality time with your partner.

Reason #5: Dance At Any Event

Once you master a few of the basic dances steps you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned at any social dance event such as a birthday party, wedding, club, restaurant, concert, etc. Instead of sitting down waiting for the night to be over, you’ll get up and dance together.

Reason #6: Expand your social circle

One of the best things about going to dance classes is that you’ll eventually meet like-minded people that could become your friends. You can even start planning dancing nights out for all of you together.

Reason #7: Dance To Your Favorite Music

As you learn the different Ballroom dances, you’ll soon see that many of them fit several genres of music like Jazz, pop, rock and roll, oldies and many more. You and your partner will soon be able to dance to all your favorite tunes.

Now that you’re convinced that learning Ballroom dancing on your date night is a good idea, what are some of the Ballroom dances you should learn?

Here are 5 dance recommendations

  1. American Rumba – Rumba is one of the most popular Ballroom dances because it fits many different types of music from oldies to modern pop and others. The main basic step is a box step and it is very easy to learn and master.
  2. Foxtrot – Foxtrot is a graceful Ballroom dance where the basic steps include 2 walks and side close steps. It is a dance that fits many of the oldies like Frank Sinatra, and it has a smooth gliding feel across the floor.
  3. Bachata – Bachata is a great dance to learn together because Bachata music is sensual and allows for sexy hip and body movement. It’s also not too fast and perfect for beginners.
  4. Slow Waltz – The Waltz dance is very classy and travels around the floor (counter-clockwise). This dance is perfect for those of you looking to do something more elegant and romantic together.
  5. Swing – The East Coast Swing is a really fun dance that incorporates triple steps and rock steps. This dance fits the faster songs and features lots of turns and spins.

There are many other Ballroom dance styles out there, but the 5 above a great start.

Where Can You Learn To Dance Together?

1. Local Dance Studio – Simply go on and search for Ballroom dancing classes in your city. Almost instantly you will get many different search results of the different studios and instructors in your area. Most studios offer a first-time free introductory lesson, so you can try them out before committing.

2. Online Dance Lessons – Another way you can learn how to Partner dance is by enrolling in online dance classes. There are several websites you can check out including my website: On some sites, you can purchase individual courses while others offer a subscription which includes all their lessons.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for ideas for a date night, try Ballroom dancing. With Ballroom dancing, you’ll be able to reconnect with one another, as well as learn a new skill. With this new skill, you’ll be able to dance at any social dance function and have the time of your life.

Author Bio:

Leon Turetsky – Professional Ballroom dance Instructor.


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