Some even say that excessive gaming can be as bad as smoking and gambling, but what exactly does make gaming so detrimental? In this blog, find out the truth about all the negative effects of gaming and how we can lessen it.

Many gamers pair up their gaming with other habits. Some like to have drinks and snacks during a gameplay session, while others prefer to smoke or vape. It is due to the adrenaline rush that kicks in whenever a match gets close by or it's about to get hard. Therefore, to cope up with that situation, one needs to calm down and convert those negative energies into positive ones.

Now the question arises, is gaming that dangerous? If yes, then how so?

Absolutely! Let’s discuss some of the adverse effects of gaming to give you a better idea of its impact on your daily life.

6 Negative Health Effects of Too Much Gaming

#1 Gaming addiction is more dangerous than one might think

While it is true that gaming can give a temporary escape from life, it has also been linked with addiction, much like other harmful activities like smoking and gambling. Although gaming hasn’t been classified as a potential disorder yet, in the medical circle, the term ‘pathological gaming’ has been a center of discussion among many experts. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), there is a strong link between aggression and gaming. Research also demonstrates that the addiction can lead to emotional instability and sensitivity to aggression.

For instance, Dr. C. Shawn Green led an intensive research at the University of Wisconsin. He interpreted from the results that too much indulgence in the video games can alter the brain chemistry. What it means is if you start spending a considerable amount of time on gaming, you can change how your brain works. As a result, your behavioral patterns would get irregular.

Be sure to read the article from the NY Post, Video Game Addiction Ruined My Life.

#2 Isolation from reality

People who spend a lot of time playing video games can find themselves in a state of confusion, not knowing if a situation is a reality or a work of fiction. Furthermore, they can face social isolation in society. It also detaches the person from their family and loved ones. Hence, the social intelligence of a person starts to diminish over time and ability to communicate weakens. A study conducted at the University of Hong Kong suggested that one in 10 people are subject to gaming addiction as they spend around 20 hours a week gaming. And that is close to the number of hours the international students are working in the UK.

#3 It leads to other unhealthy habits

Moreover, it is easy to inhabit harmful habits like smoking and gambling if one gets addicted to something even as harmless as gaming. Studies show that there is a definite correlation between gaming and smoking.

According to a non-profit organization, Truth Initiative, it has been noticed that young games are adopting this unhealthy habit from the display of smokers in video games; these elements are depicted in the most appealing manner to the youngsters that are emulating this act to look tough.

#4 Common health issues

In one research, the University of Texas at Dallas concluded that gaming can cause frequent headaches (including migraines), eye strain, back and shoulder issues that can be seriously problematic in the future.

#5 Video Gaming is the road to obesity! (All the people who treat their bodies like a temple should take notice.)

If you keep sitting at one place, chances are that you will miss out physical activity and as a result, your body won’t be able to burn calories. Not only that, but obesity can also lead to high cholesterol levels and insomnia. Although, these problems can seem minute to some people all these problems can progress into something very deadly when it comes to health.

#6 Poor Academic Performances

Similarly, all the above-mentioned problems can lead to poor academic performance.
According to a survey that was conducted in 2010 by Kaiser Family Foundation, it was observed that around 50 percent of hardcore gamers got poor grades at school. On contrary, the light gamers were more likely to get better grades.

What one can do to lessen the negative effects of gaming?

Well, that requires you to change your habits if you wish to keep playing video games. Experts in this area have suggested in favor of happiness stimulating games that exude positive energies. So, it is up to the parents to decide whether they want their kids to play Angry Birds or Diner Dash. However, young adults who are prone to excessive gaming can lessen their gameplay time in order to avoid negative effects on their lives.

Instead of smoking, one can Vape during gaming sessions. It might sound like an unorthodox idea but studies published by National Health England claim that vaping is 95% healthier than smoking.

Do’s to avoid the negative effects of Gaming

Just to make life easier for all the gaming addicts out there, these are the do’s that will help you negate the negative effects of playing video games:

  • Gaming sessions should only last an hour.
  • Educating yourself about the potential threats that can come from gaming.
  • Outdoor games can act as a cognitive behavioral therapy when you focus your thinking on something more physical.
  • Taking a time off to travel and relish beautiful places can prove to be very healthy and soothing to one’s mind and soul.

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