Do you want to shed some weight?  As it turns out, cannabis can be the solution.  You’re probably surprised but numerous studies have pointed out how it can help you lose weight and increase your metabolism. Check out the following and learn more about how it can also help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Cannabis can help to lose weight

Times are changing. Long gone were the days when marijuana was solely associated with the munchies and people rushing to the fast-food chain to give in to cravings after smoking the herb.

In recent years, science has been exploring on and discovering more benefits of marijuana.  Many have pointed out how cannabis can also help in weight loss.

And there is no wonder. More people are sharing stories about how they lose pounds, have a healthy lifestyle, eat clean and smoke weed daily. In fact, many reports also revealed how the herb helped people reached their weight loss goals, noting ways it aided to their focus and increased their productivity.

Based on certain studies, daily marijuana use is linked with lower fasting insulin levels, narrower waistline, and lower body mass index.

So without even saying, those who regularly smoke weed tend to eat healthier and exercise more than others who do not.

In a related 2011 study to find at the American Journal of Epidemiology,    cannabis can help people lose weight or even lower their risk of obesity.

The study revealed that regular weed consumption could result in almost 33% lower rates of obesity versus obesity rates among non-smokers.

The same source revealed that one thing that makes marijuana a good weight loss aid is its ability to lower stress, which is one of the main culprits of obesity.

Backing it up, another report from the American Journal of Medicine explained how regular cannabis consumption was linked with smaller waist circumference and lower fasting insulin levels.

However, medical marijuana patients should note the importance of choosing the right strain in order to lose weight by appetite suppression because there are certain strains to help reduce appetite while keeping users active and alert.

For example, Sativa strains can give more energy and focus and won’t make you fall asleep.

What’s in cannabis for weight loss?

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The compound Cannabidiol (CBD) is known for its weight loss benefits, including on appetite suppression.   Another is the Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) that will also help reduce appetite as well as improve digestion for its gut microbiome altering properties.

Cannabis increases metabolism

Cannabis can aid in weight loss for its appetite suppressing properties, but what makes it an even natural weight loss solution are its effects on metabolism.

First, what’s the link between metabolism and weight?   Commonly, you speed up your metabolism by eating clean and building muscle. However, factors like your gender and age also affect it.

So, what cannabis has to do with it?  Patients with medical marijuana card using MMJ for pain relief, for instance, can also take advantage of improved digestion.  Thanks to science that has been exploring the effects of cannabis on metabolism.  A study in 1978 revealed that weed could speed up metabolism.

Backing it up, another study in 2013 discovered that current marijuana users seemed to have a better carbohydrate metabolism versus those who do not smoke at all.

The same source revealed that smokers had less insulin resistance in order to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

In addition, these people also had lower insulin levels and narrower waistline versus non-smokers. The findings were significant because the excessive abdominal weight is also a health implication.

A peer review study from Obesity concluded of lower fat mass, lower obesity rates, and lower body mass index among smokers aside from them having an increased metabolic rate.

Another review was from the American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse revealing of lower obesity rates among daily cannabis users.

Of all these things, one thing you can safely conclude is that cannabis can be the future of weight loss and anti-obesity drugs.

It is a promising herb that makes people lose weight and speed up metabolism, although more research is probably needed to explore deeper on its effects on weight loss and obesity.

Combining Cannabis and these Exercises for Better Practice

Just as said earlier, you should select the right marijuana strain if you want to use it for weight management and exercise.  Again, some strains can help improve your focus, energy le, els and productivity while helping with metabolism. And consuming it before a workout, you can exercise more and achieve your daily fitness goals. With it, you can last longer and perform more sets with the increased energy it can supply your body. You’ll also notice that it can get you in the zone and for a longer time than without it.  Plus, consuming it before exercise can also help relieve pain during and after the workout.

Now, how do you combine cannabis and exercises? Here are some tips.



The spiritual practice is composed of breathing techniques, poses and relaxation exercises that train the body and the mind to be calmer – and at the moment.   It is a great practice to meditate that can later result in a Zen-like experience. By using cannabis, you can push those mental and physical barriers that might be holding you back from unleashing your full potential.  So when combined with yoga, you can open that spiritual awareness, feel more relaxed and experience bliss – that tell much about a good yoga exercise.

Outdoor exercises

You can combine the great outdoors and cannabis, so gear up and go.  Regardless you’re a jogger or a nature lover, you can benefit from the herb that can amplify the beauty of the surroundings for added motivation and endurance to meet your workout goals.

After all, certain strains can make the sun brighter and the birds chirping louder. Without even saying, adding cannabis with your outdoor adventure can make it more fun.

Post workout

Depending on the type of activity and exercise, you can experience muscle pain. Cannabis is a great ally because it can reduce muscle inflammation associated with this pain. It can also soothe the body and mind after an intense workout.

How does marijuana work as a post workout?  The CBD attaches cannabinoid receptors and works with the body’s endocannabinoid system.  And as it has anti-inflammatory properties, it works effectively against muscle pain after a heavy session.


Marijuana and running are great workout allies. Running is an excellent cardio workout and marijuana can distract your attention from the pain and discomfort from the activity.  Most pro runners revealed that a bit of MMJ before running helps in getting rid of that mental wall and increasing endurance to finish the run.

Final Thoughts

By now, you know it is possible to achieve a healthy lifestyle with cannabis, consider adding it to your workout routine, see ways it can improve your practice, and help you lose weight.

Author Bio:

Olivia Davis is an enthusiastic, creative author and the Communications Assistant at Dr.Green Relief – Medical Marijuana Doctors. Our mission is to aid patients with qualifying conditions to get their MMJ Card so they can use, possess and cultivate medical marijuana legally.


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