There are plenty of ways to build muscle, and one of the most common methods is going to the gym and using the equipment. Sounds pretty good, right? You go and use the equipment on a regular basis, and soon you'll be in top shape.

However, some people don't have the time to go to the gym, or they don't want to. There are those that aren't in a great financial situation to pay for a gym membership, so what can you do if you find yourself in the same position? Well, there's nothing to worry about because, even without equipment, you'll be able to build muscle mass and get yourself back in shape.

Not only that, but you won't have to waste time going somewhere else because you can do all this from the comfort of your home. No equipment necessary; just pure strength! Granted, you might have some issues at the beginning before you beef up your muscles, but after some time it gets easier.

In this case, I'm talking about body-weight training. It is a simple method of building your muscles using just the weight of your body. So, what is body-weight training and how can you do it at your home?

Body-Weight Training

Body-weight training is nowadays considered the best way of exercise because of its many benefits. The first one is price – it costs absolutely nothing. Since you aren't using any equipment and you're not in a gym, there are no costs involved. It's also versatile and flexible, meaning that there are plenty of variations in exercise.

It can be done anywhere: in a park, at home, in the woods, so basically wherever you can exercise freely. And this makes it perfect for whenever you need to do a couple of quick exercise!

The physical benefits of body-weight training are improved movement, improved overall strength, and better reactive strength. These two benefits combined should make you start doing body-weight training regularly. A couple of sessions every day and you'll be strong in no time! Here are a couple of exercises you can do:

modified push-ups

Modified Push-Ups

The regular push-up is great in itself, but why not spice it up a bit? There are plenty of methods with which you can modify a push-up to make it stress your body more (in a positive way of course) or to work a different set of muscles.

The descent push-up does require some form of ‘equipment' (a bed or a chair should be enough). All you need to do is position yourself for a regular push-up except for your feet (which should be positioned above your body on something high). This push-up form places more weight on your hands, so you have to work more because of gravity.

The stacked-feet push-up is also useful because you place more weight on your one leg.

Modified Pull-Ups

Pull-ups aren't exactly the most flexible form of workout, simply because you need a pull-up bar or a pull-up machine. However, you can easily do pull-ups from home. They're called ‘modified' pull-ups because you'll need to improvise.

Take the pull-up bar (or a bar you can hold onto) and extend it across two strong objects (or on top of two stable chairs). Lie down and start pulling yourself upwards, from a position beneath the chairs. You can also modify your linear movement by performing the side-to-side movement (or doing the leg lift).

There you go, easy as pie!



Crunches are the simplest exercise out there. You need a flat surface on which you'll lie. Once in this position, slowly start pulling your head and torso upwards while firmly keeping your feet planted on the ground.

You can also do bicycle crunches, variating movements from one side of your body to the other (rotating your upper body to the right while pulling your right knee up towards your upper body and doing the same on the other side).

Tricep Dips

For a tricep dip, you'd best use a chair. Take the chair and place it behind you. Now, put it against a wall, so it doesn't slip while you're doing the exercise. Place your arms behind you and put your hands on the chair (on each side of the chair). Slowly start descending your entire body in front of the chair by using your arm.

This exercise can also be done with a slightly elevated object and on the ground, so a chair isn't necessary, but it's a good option because it'll put more strain on your tricep.


lunges exercises

A lunge is a simple exercise that's meant to strengthen your thighs. This exercise, compared to a couple of previous ones, does not require any objects to do. You start by standing upwards, and feet close together. Place your hands on your hips and take a big step forward with one of your legs. Lower your hips but keep the front foot completely flat and keep your back heel lifted a bit.

Continue lowering yourself until the knee of your rear foot nearly touches the floor. Push yourself back up to the position you started in. Repeat for the other side as well!

Nutrition Plans for your Specific Needs

Having a proper diet is essential in keeping you strong and healthy. The unfortunate truth is that it's all too easy to fumble and start eating poorly. Make sure you figure out what nutrition plan you need for your specific needs. It all depends on whether you want to lose weight, stagnate, or gain muscle.

Finding a proper nutrition plan shouldn't be too difficult, but the first step is always to give up junk food and start eating healthy!

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