When planning out your low-carb high-fat diet, it is easy to pour all your energy into meal planning. However, a great way to support your diet is to also think about what you drink. The great news here is that lots of beverages are definitely still open to you, provided that you avoid adding sugar. In this article, I want to talk through some of the best beverages to support a low-carb high-fat diet.

Many of us wonder, ‘how does ketosis work?' Quite simply it boils down to burning fat (instead of sugars) for fuel.

You will notice that all the drinks on this list are non-alcoholic. Drinking alcohol on a keto diet is not the best option. However, according to PerfectKeto, it is still possible if you will follow a few rules.


Now, obviously, water is not a high-fat beverage. It is a logical place to start though because, regardless of the kind of diet you are following, staying hydrated is really important. The reason I start with water is that so often people do neglect to drink water, focusing instead on protein shakes or whatever else.

While all the beverages covered in this article are great for supporting a healthy, low-carb diet, they are no substitute for water. Drinking enough water is the cornerstone of being healthy, it really is a miracle drink. So, whatever diet you follow, make sure you are drinking plenty of water.

Now we have got that out of the way, onto the actual high-fat drinks!

Bulletproof Coffee

Great news guys – you do not need to give up coffee when you move to a keto or low-carb high fat diet.

Caffeine actually has a lot of great health benefits, although it does need to be managed because too much is not good news.

Taking your coffee black and without sugar is low-carb and the same goes for lots of teas too. However, wouldn’t be even better if you could give your body a hit of fat as well as caffeine first thing in the morning? Well, that’s where bulletproof coffee (sometimes called keto coffee) saves the day.

Bulletproof coffee is a great way to start the day if you are on any kind of low-carb high-fat diet.

Essentially, the idea is that you combine coffee with a good serving of healthy fats – in particular, any good keto-friendly butter. Just stir in a couple of spoonfuls and load your coffee with healthy fats! You can also try nut butter for a nice variation that adds a different flavor to your morning brew.

Matcha Lattes

Following on from bulletproof coffee, the matcha latte offers a lighter alternative for those who want a more delicate, less intense flavor from their hot drinks. You will want to find a good quality matcha powder to act as the base for this drink – there are lots of keto-friendly low-carb options out there, so go with whatever you prefer. Then, to create the soft creamy texture of a latte, you are going to want to use low carb milk. This is the part of the drink that gives you the fat content, so select milk that is high in healthy fats. Personally, I like to use almond milk, because it lends a light nutty flavor, but coconut milk is also a great choice – whatever you prefer will work.

If you like a sweet latte, then you can also use stevia, or other low carb sweeteners, to give you that delicious taste without the added sugars.

Also, for when summer rolls around and you want a cool refreshing drink, you can always make an iced latte. Just take the same recipe and pour over ice – simple!

5 Ways to Make Matcha Tastier and Better for You

Bone Broth

Bone broth is widely regarded in the nutrition community as a bit of a miracle worker. Essentially, it is just a soup or stock made by boiling animal bones in water, along with some herbs for taste and some acid (like a vinegar). As the pot simmers away, you can cook it for as long as a day, the bones permeate the water with all kinds of nutrition. In particular, collagen is released, which is great for helping your body repair and for treating inflammation. This makes the bone broth the best way to get collagen into your diet without using collagen supplements.

Bone broth is high in protein and has fat content with almost no carbs at all. It is a great way to supplement a low carb diet because it is packed full of nutrients.

Homemade Smoothies

No list of beverages would be complete without a mention of smoothies. The key here is that they are homemade because so often the smoothies you buy from the store come packed full of sugar. To get around this, you want to make the smoothies yourself. This way you have complete control over the ingredients. Also, you will find that making smoothies yourself is quick and easy and saves you money too!

A common slip up here is the inclusion of too many sugary fruits in a smoothie. While it may seem healthy, the reality is if you are trying to stay low carb all the sugars in fruits start to add up fast. Your best bet here is berries, which as long as you consume them in moderation are still low carb.

Now, veggies and also low carb fruits like avocados are a different story. A healthy green smoothie that is veggie based is going to be low carb, but will still be chock full of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. This is really important for supporting a balanced diet and avoiding side effects of low carb diets like keto flu.

Next trick is to make sure to include plenty of healthy fats in your smoothie – almond milk and almond butter are great choices, alternatively, coconut milk and coconut butter also work really well and compliment lots of smoothie ingredients.

Finally, if you use supplements and powders to help you hit your low carb high fat goals, smoothies are a great way to work them into your diet. In particular, if you use flavored powders then these can help make great tasting smoothies that are nutritional powerhouses.


So, there you have it, a host of tasty drinks to help support your low-carb high-fat diet. The best thing about these drinks is that they are flexible, and can easily be tailored to fit both your diet and your routine. Furthermore, having these drinks throughout the day will help to keep cravings at bay and help you stick to your food goals, all while giving you much-needed nutrients.

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