When we speak about fitness, both the physical and mental fitness plays a major role in keeping you fit, healthy and balanced. Stress becomes a very common factor in today's world starting from all ages, there seems to always be something to stress us out. Yoga plays a very important role in helping you claim a space in the ‘stress-free zone' of life (even if just for a moment in time). In this article, we're going to discuss what yoga is all about, and its connection with mental health, particularly the effective ways it can improve it.

What is Yoga?

Yoga originated in India as a system of physical and spiritual practices several thousand years ago. It has lots of influence over our mind and body and helps us stay connected with each other. Today, the culture of practicing yoga is seen across all countries, with people striving to live a better lifestyle. Yoga, the practice itself, has experienced many transformations as it has appeared in countries outside of India over the millennia. But having a good yoga practitioner as your trainer is important when you are just starting out, especially to guide you through the body-mind-spirit connection to improve your mental health. They will pay special attention to you, your current life situation, and will guide you through a variety of postures and breathing techniques to help you connect with yourself while reducing your stress and improve your mental health.

The connection between Mental Health and Yoga

Remaining still and idle is hard for the best of us and seems to bring a lot of undue pressure into our lives. Along with that, the work we do often brings its own fair share of stress and pressure. Having a healthy lifestyle, while desiring to live happily is a goal we all strive for. Your mental health is a key to achieving (or at least striving) this seemingly mysterious balance. By building strong mental health you can gain a better connection with what it means for YOU to live a healthy and connected life. Regular exercise – or yoga practice – plays a vital role in this process. Once you adopt a regular habit of yoga in your life, you'll notice massive shifts in the level of stress and connectivity with the world around you. Don't believe me? Just try it for 30 days… you'll feel the difference!

7 Effective ways to improve your Mental health with a Regular Yoga Practice

Yoga and mental health are inseparable. Below are 7 effective ways to improve your mental health through regular yoga practice:

Increase your Self-Confidence

Improve your level of concentration

Makes you physically Fit

Avoids Stress

Good Posture

Peaceful Mind

Increases the Quality of Sleep

Let's dive in and expand on these benefits.

1 – Yoga Increases your Self-Confidence

Confidence is everything! When you are more confident about what you do, success is nearby. Boosting your self-confidence is one of the effective ways to stay positive and move forward in striving to achieve your goals. Practicing yoga daily gives you a calm environment and a private space for yourself to self-heal and learn from your past mistakes. This awareness can help with avoiding repetitive mistakes, thereby also increasing your self-confidence levels.

2 – Improve your level of concentration

One part of yoga is to concentrate or focus on a single object or to stare at a long distance view for some time. This enhances your level of concentration on a particular thing. When you have a good concentration level, you can be away from lots of mistakes either a small or a bigger one and also you have a wider vision in seeing things and able to get into the correct solution for any issues. Both building your confidence level and increasing your concentration makes you be a better person mentally and helps you to have a sound mind.

mindfulness yoga quote

3 – Makes you physically Fit

A sound mind makes a sound body. As in the quote when you are mentally healthy and strong, you will be obviously healthy from your mind. Yoga has many different kinds of asanas which helps you to stay fit. Each asana concentrates each part of the body and internal organs and helps it to heal and relieve stress. Making it as a daily habit helps you to stay fit physically and you will be away from all the disease and step ahead to have a healthy life.

4 – Avoids Stress

Yoga postures help you to stay good, especially works better and treat your mental illness. When you practice yoga 2 times a day (it's enough at least you spare half an hour a day)it makes you feel relaxed and put you away from your level of stress and helps you to become more healthy and successful in life.

5 – Good Posture

Practicing yoga daily helps you to maintain a good posture when you have a good posture you are away from lots of pain. Yoga helps your body to keep its position and relives from all internal pains. When you have a good posture practice it strengthens your muscles and organs, gets rid of that extra cholesterol and helps you to stay fit. Make a regular practice of yoga to stay mentally healthy, when you look good you will feel good.

6 – Peaceful Mind

Remaining calm, making your mind to stay calm is initially tough when you start your yoga classes. Yoga mostly deals with the practice of breathing, when you inhale and exhale try to concentrate more on your breathing process which helps you attain a calm position to your mind and relaxes your body too. When you keep on practicing yoga in your daily life it enhances more peace in your mind and makes you have a good lifestyle.

7 – Increases the Quality of Sleep

At the end of your day try to spare around 15 minutes for you to recollect all your day memories and sit in your yoga position, try to concentrate on your breathing, which helps you to enter into a state of relaxation, overcoming you days hurdle. When you feel relaxed and away from all your stress points, definitely you will have a good night sleep and wake up fresh in the morning to proceed to reach your goals.

Get a Good Night's Sleep


Mental health is important for all, by practicing yoga, you will definitely observe a positive change to your lifestyle. It stimulates your confidence level, enhances your wider vision on things, make you more cool and proactive, stays healthy from your soul and body, makes you look and feel good. yoga always improvises your state of life and improves your mental health, which is the need for everyone. Makes yourself stay fit and healthy through a regular practice of yoga.

Author: Yamini at email [email protected]

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