Life is a difficult journey that can be tough to navigate sometimes.

Sometimes, people need a little bit of encouragement and motivation from someone else to achieve their highest potential. In the age where mental health is being recognized as important, life coaching is becoming increasingly popular to help people navigate life and achieve their highest potential. Executive coaching is the most well-known type, but life coaching can help people with life in general.

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What is Life Coaching?

It is a form of counseling that is less formal than traditional psychotherapy. It involves a certified coach guiding their client to solve and life issues meet his or her ambitions, empowering their client to believe their own potential, and helping them improve in areas where they could be doing better.

Life coaches help people by helping them correct errors in thinking, act more wisely, and become more goal-directed. The coaching can be about general life improvement and achievement, but it can also be about improvement and achievement in a specific area such as relationships, finances, careers, academics, spiritual growth, stress management, etc. For example, executive coaching is common in the business world and corporate setting.

A coach can be a licensed therapist who is also a certified life coach or a person in any profession who is certified to a life coach. The methods that life coaches use stem from the social sciences and several different types of counseling. The ideal life coach is someone who the individual client is comfortable with yet pushes the client to make progress. If you are looking for help for a possible or already diagnosed mental health disorder or have a situation that is more on the severer end, you may need to work with a mental health counselor in addition to your coach.

Our 3 challengers and me (from left to right): Abhay, Kevin, Michelle and Coach Moose

Our 3 challengers and me (from left to right): Abhay, Kevin, Michelle, and Coach Dai

How Does Life Coaching Work?

The coaching works by being done in one-on-one counseling sessions that are done in-person, over the phone, and through other forms of communication.

Most coaches meet or communicate with their clients about three times a month. The coach works by helping people organize their goals from life coaching and develop a plan of strategies to achieve these goals. Instead of being an authority figure or advice giver, the coach acts as a partner to come up with ideas for the client to achieve his or her goals. The coaches help their clients meet their objectives by providing accountability, providing their expertise to help guide the client in decision-making, delivering the right words to encourage the client, and helping clients improve over a quicker period of time than if they did not use a coach.

Life Coaching in a Nutshell

The coaching is a less formal type of counseling that helps people improve in their lives and achieve certain goals. The coaches work one-on-one with clients to come up with their goals and come up with a plan to achieve them. They help clients by working with them as a partner providing accountability, expertise, and quick results. However, the coaches who are not also certified to be licensed therapists are not substitutes for licensed therapists; however, they can work with you in addition to a licensed therapist.


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