What is it about exercise that is so special?

Working out regularly or simply staying physically active can prevent a number of adverse health conditions. Regular exercise can also treat chronic disease and illness effectively.

What exactly is it about the human body that turns on its healing powers when it keeps moving?

One reason why doctors and physical fitness experts believe exercise can prevent and heal many illnesses is the fact that the human body was not designed to be sedentary. Humans were made for movement. We were designed to be standing and moving most of the time.

Many modern occupations require sitting on your rear end for most or all of your day. Smartphones and tablets keep people inactive. For these reasons and others, chronic disease is on the rise in the 21st century.

There are two basic ways regular exercise effectively treats symptoms of chronic disease.

First off, exercise helps you regulate healthy body weight.

Every pound that you weigh over your natural body weight puts pressure on your joints, your bones, and your muscles.

Being overweight or obese not only is a symptom of many chronic diseases, but it is also at the foundation for multiple illnesses and ailments. So when you are carrying around too much weight, this condition promotes a number of health problems, and exercise can keep this from happening.

Secondly, exercise fights inflammation.

Inflammation is a symptom which accompanies almost all chronic disease. It is your body's natural response to illness and injury.

Unfortunately, chronic inflammation can cause a host of diseases, can trigger flareups of symptoms, and aggravates many diseases or illnesses, making them worse.

If you have not developed any chronic disease, congratulations.

Keep exercising and you can keep serious health issues from occurring. If you, unfortunately, have a disease of some kind, regular exercise can reduce your pain and symptoms.

(I can relate as I live with Autoimmune Neutropenia, and because of my active, healthy lifestyle, I am able to keep the majority of my condition's symptoms at bay…)

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