Time and again, the marijuana plant has never failed to elicit mixed reactions. However, lately, people are beginning to have a different perception of the plant. Researchers are erasing the misconceptions about marijuana by unleashing various studies that support the use of the plant.

With marijuana strains such as death bubba, and many other products on the market, accessing marijuana shouldn’t be difficult for you. In the recent past, there has been enough scientific evidence to suggest that the plant is suitable for muscles.

8 Great Reasons Why Marijuana is Good for Your Muscles

Let’s take a deeper dive and see how marijuana works on your muscles.

1. Relaxes Muscle Tension and Reduces Myopathy

Contrary to the popular belief that marijuana is majorly a drug that makes you high, it works well as a form of treatment against muscular tightness. As a result, gym enthusiasts and athletes find it easy taking part in their daily activities after using marijuana. Marijuana can treat aches and pains and also relieve one of the myopathies. Many bodybuilders from heavy workouts feel less tensed and relaxed after ingesting or smoking marijuana.

Also, athletes suffering from muscle spasms can find relief in using marijuana for treatment. Studies in the past prove the use of cannabis as a medication for the treatment of muscle spasms.

According to a recent study, rodents fed on marijuana showed its beneficial use in reducing as well as treating muscle spasms. The anti-inflammatory properties of marijuana make this possible. But despite the milestones made in discovering marijuana as a treatment for spasms, there is a need for extensive research to find more scientific evidence of its effects on humans.

2. Maintains your Testosterone Levels and Growth Hormones

Testosterone is an essential hormone in the functioning of the body, and there is no doubt that bodybuilder needs it for their growing muscles. It helps in building up their muscles. Research on cannabis confirms that marijuana helps to maintain your testosterone levels. With regards to hormones, there is not much of THC effect on hormonal levels in the body. However, scientists are doing more research on the hormonal-cannabis relation for more conclusive findings.

Similar studies suggest a different effect of marijuana on your testosterone levels. What turns out clear is that less frequent smokers of marijuana complained of low testosterone production levels. Conversely, regular smokers of marijuana maintained their testosterone levels.

3. Increased Appetite for Carbohydrate-rich Foods

More scientific research on cannabis reveals that some marijuana compounds decrease the human growth hormone but at the same time, increases dopamine. Dopamine makes you feel good. However, this also has the resultant effect of increasing your appetite hence making you eat more.

Some studies allude to the fact that ingesting marijuana makes you consume more food. Therefore, marijuana consumption is ideal for people who are suffering from an appetite problem but desire to build muscles. And for muscle growth, skinny people must have calorie surplus meals, which marijuana will help provide by increasing appetite besides other added benefits. You can ingest or smoke marijuana just before eating.

4. Pain Relief

One of the significant benefits of marijuana is that it can relieve pain. If you suffer from neuropathic or chronic pain, you know how difficult it can be to handle the pain. However, you need not worry anymore, as marijuana can offer you the pain relief you need. According to a study, half of the participants with chronic pain experienced a 30% pain reduction after using marijuana. While for those in the placebo group, they only had an 18% pain reduction.

Further research suggests that marijuana is useful as it helps get rid of soreness and muscle pain. There has been a lot of positivity surrounding this research, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis. Other studies link CBD oil with the ability to mediate pain and relieve stress. What's more, you become less prone to toxicity and addiction when you use marijuana for muscle treatment.

5. Muscle Control

Marijuana helps to reduce your muscle control. When used often, it leads to a reduction in motor neuron activities. A motor neuron is a system that controls how your muscles contract. A reduction in your muscles to contract could pose a challenge to your muscles, but this is not a challenge in itself when it comes to the use of marijuana. When your motor neuron activities reduce, marijuana can treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

6. Aid in the Synthesis of Muscle Proteins

There are lots of stereotypes concerning cannabis consumption for medicinal purposes. However, muscle protein synthesis does not fall among them. Alcohol users have reason to worry since alcohol reduces muscle protein synthesis. On the contrary, marijuana has no such effects on the muscles and, therefore, safe for consumption.

You probably know the effects of what you eat on muscle building. It determines the success of your muscle-building journey. If you have noticed, most trainer’s diet features lots of protein for good reasons. Repairing the injured muscle fiber after exercising is important, and the amino acids contained in the proteins play a crucial role in achieving that.

Body Building needs a diet rich in calories to maintain muscle mass. This is where marijuana comes in because it boosts your appetite. Although it might not cause a significant weight gain, marijuana increases your appetite enabling you to consume high calories for building muscles. However, you’ll need much discipline to achieve this since not any food is good for bodybuilding.

7. Helps in Managing Osteoarthritis (OA) Pain

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease that causes deterioration of the articular cartilage. As a result, patients go through a painful state that includes neuropathic and nociceptive mechanisms. Presently, the treatment of this disease is not available and can lead to immense suffering in the victims.

However, increasing evidence from studies establishes osteoarthritis pain targets the endocannabinoid system. Marijuana has CBD, which contains anti-nociceptive effects from cannabinoids that can help in managing osteoarthritis.

The distribution of cannabinoid receptors, coupled with the unique role that the endocannabinoid system plays in regulating joint function, inflammation, and pain, helps in the healing process. But there is a need for more studies in the subject to establish the specific role that marijuana plays in the treatment of OA.

Medicinal Cannabis

8. Takes Care of your Nervous System

The central nervous system is crucial in coordinating your actions and your sensory information by sending signals from one part of the body to the other. Through the endocannabinoid system, cannabis directly influences the functioning of the nervous system. It causes the activation of enzymes that are responsible for various body functioning such as smooth muscle contraction and the regulation of the heart rate. Additionally, marijuana also plays a crucial role in altering your coordination, balance, and reflex response.


Conventional wisdom on marijuana is fast eroding with increased scientific research on the subject. Most states and people are welcoming the idea of its use as a medicinal substance. Most researchers have good news on the impact of marijuana on the treatment of muscles, maintaining your testosterone levels, and relaxing your muscles, among other uses.

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