If you’re like us, you’ve probably made several new years’ resolutions about finally getting healthy and acquiring the physique you’ve always wanted, but the idea of sweating over an elliptical is hardly appealing to anyone. If you’re constantly wondering that there must be a slightly more enjoyable method for getting fit, you’re in luck!

As we have compiled a list of fun ways to get fit and healthy that couldn’t possibly be considered work!

8 Fun Ways to Be Healthy and Fit at the Same Time

1) Change your mindset!

The first thing you need to do is change the way your mind approaches to exercise. Instead, consider it a fun activity. You’ll be surprised what a difference it makes when you broach the subject with a positive attitude. When we know we have to exercise, we immediately refer to it as an obligation, whereas when we consider it an activity, it feels a lot less like work, and a lot more like a fun thing we enjoy doing.

2) Here’s your chance to dance!

Dancing has become the most popular method of choice when it comes to keeping fit, as dancing does not feel like work at all. It makes you feel free while grooving to your favorite playlist and before you know it, you’ve completed an hour of exercise. So, sign up for a class instead of a gym. Sydney-based MissFit studios highly recommend dancing as a workout as it gets every muscle during every workout. It’s a great cardio and greatly promotes blood circulation which does not come with any types of activities. You can try your hand at pole dancing, Zumba, or even go hip-hop.

3) Start over with yoga and aerobics

If you’re looking to tone your body without any machinery, sign up for a yoga or aerobics class. Yoga is beneficial to the body and mind as you’ll learn methods that soothe and relax you while stretching your muscles at the same time. Aerobics is a fun way to keep fit as you learn different positions that strengthen your muscles while bobbing your head to music! This automatically distracts you from the idea that this is an exercise.

4) Trick or treat? Trick yourself with healthy food

Of course, you don’t want to give up all your favorite meals, thinking that you’d have to switch up your deserts for salad might put you off getting healthy. Sneak in healthier cooking at home, by making healthier versions of dishes that you love. Instead of quitting snacks, cold turkey, allow yourself a day, once a week, to indulge. Eating things in moderation ensures you don’t have to pass on that cookie!

5) Don’t feel overwhelmed

Whatever activity you opt for in order to keep fit, don’t compare your level with anyone else. Straining yourself only delays you from getting to your ideal weight and health. Pick a pace you’re comfortable with, and remember, your body will adapt, gradually, allowing you to engage at the pace of your choice.

6) Get an exercise buddy

Exercising with a friend can make the process a lot more fun. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate yourself; therefore, having a friend take part with you will allow you both to inspire each other. Even if you start by using fitness videos, or watch YouTube channels, having a friend there makes it a lot more enjoyable.

7) Always have a motivational playlist

Whether you plan to exercise at home or at a gym, creating a playlist with all your favorite jams that get you pumped and excited is a great way to motivate yourself. Raise the volume and lose yourself in the song; it not only becomes a much more fun experience, but it also passes the time!

8) Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk

Sometimes we aren’t motivated to go to the gym because the idea of dedicating an hour of our time isn’t easy, which makes the gym feel even more of an obligation. So find little ways to ensure you’re getting daily exercise that won’t feel obligatory. Walking to the supermarket instead of driving or walking your dog are great ways to fit in those workouts. Slip your headphones on while you’re at it, and it won’t feel like an exercise at all.

So, there you have it! Gone are the days of dreading your workout.

Replacing exhausting exercise with fun activities ensures you get the required fitness you need without having it made to feel like work. From now on, keeping fit and staying healthy will be an enjoyable experience.

You’ll find yourself stronger, more confident, and actually happy to fit a workout in. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your musical playlist with some catchy, uplifting songs!


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