Becoming a personal trainer is one of the best career choices, especially if you are adept and keen on keeping your body strong and healthy. It may prove to be challenging to get certified, but rest assured that your efforts will be worth it. Thereby, if you are interested in earning by becoming a certified personal trainer, here are some helpful tips.

Personal trainer

Get a high school degree

In order to pursue a career as a certified personal trainer, it is important to first complete a high school degree. More often than not, certifying bodies require individuals to have at least a high school diploma to be eligible for an exam. In some instances, a training course certificate from a postsecondary education proves to be sufficient.

Complete an AED or CPR course

Being a personal trainer entails the need for you to be prepared for emergency situations that may arise while you are undergoing a training session with your client. Thereby, if you are keen on how to become a personal trainer, then you should already take basic cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) programs. If possible, get certified in these courses as well.

Choose a fitness specialty

Assess yourself and evaluate your skill sets in order to help you decide on which specific fitness specialty to pursue. Another factor to consider is your social skills because it is important to note whether you are comfortable in working with a group or an individual trainee. Once you eventually decide on which path you would like to pursue, the next step is to research on certifying bodies together with the programs that they use to train trainers.

Prepare for your certification

After deciding on a fitness specialty that you wish to pursue, the next logical step is to prepare for your certification. There are several exam preparation courses for you to choose from, as well as training classes that you can enroll in. Once you finish these, you will have the confidence to pass your certifications with flying colors.

All you need to do now is to register for your selected certification examination wherein you will be asked to pay for a certain exam fee. The tests are usually computer-based that include about a hundred multiple-choice questions.

personal trainer

Start earning

With certifications on your belt, you are already eligible to apply for jobs or even perform a private practice. Most trainers opt to gain ample experience by first working in their local gyms and fitness centers. Still, others opt to practice independently and work on building a roster of clients. Nevertheless, it is a good practice to continue to pursue higher education in relation to your specialty in order to be more marketable and build a strong reputation.

To wrap things up, becoming a certified personal trainer may not be as easy as what most people might think. However, it is a profession that is worth pursuing because it is rewarding. Nevertheless, don't let the challenges stop you from becoming a certified personal trainer.


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