It’s never too late to get into athleticism when you grow up. Some individuals may believe that you either learn to stretch at a young age, or you’re stuck with low flexibility as you grow older. And while stretching when you’re young makes it a whole lot easier to have the body you want, people of all ages can push their muscles into being far more flexible through exercising and training.

Here’s what you need to know.


No matter what flexibility level you want, starting with yoga is always your optimal choice. This goes especially for yoga styles that focus on mostly flexibility, such as Yin or Hatha. You can enroll in your local gym for Yoga classes, or you can learn poses through many videos available online.

Hyperbolic Stretching Classes

What primarily hinders stretching or makes it difficult for your muscles is something called reciprocal muscle inhibition. Hyperbolic training programs have been proven to be beneficial for all ages, and have mostly been tried and tested on older individuals who have trouble leaning down or bending over.

But now, many individuals use these programs to do full splits with little to no warming up, and this hyperbolic stretching review explains it in more detail if you’re unsure what the training program includes. Of course, you should never do this without a professional present because stretching, when done improperly, can cause irreversible damage to your muscles and tendons.

yoga and stretching


Sounds all too easy? Perhaps jogging every morning and doing cardio regularly wouldn’t help you with doing high kicks and full splits, but leading a sedentary lifestyle can cause muscle atrophy. So it’s more of a prevention method than one you can use to promote flexibility. You cannot be flexible if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, especially if you have a typical desk job. Get up and get moving, even if it’s just on your indoor treadmill. This will keep your muscles always warmed up and ready to be molded into whatever flexibility you aim for.


Dancing differs from workouts because they usually compel you to challenge yourself with different moves and poses, this works to slowly boost your flexibility, utilizing your joints and muscles to do something your body is not used to. You can watch free videos online, take online courses, or enroll in dance classes like Zumba. An added benefit is that you’ll see yourself rapidly losing weight, which can also massively help with your flexibility training.


You always see yoga and Pilates paired together, and that’s because they both focus on flexible poses and can be meditative for both your body and mind. Flexibility isn’t just about training your body to do certain poses but requires the mindset for you to drastically change your posture, as well. Pilates will also immensely prevent you from overworking your muscles, so you won’t have to deal with fatigue as much.

Working your way into a more flexible body doesn’t require a certain biological age. All ages can benefit from the previously mentioned workouts and training programs and can grow to be as flexible as those athletic bodies you admire. However, this journey will take some time, so it needs patience and dedication on your part as well.


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