Diet and fitness fads are ever-changing.

One day, every single person at the gym is chugging down whey protein, the next, it is all about green coffee beans. People are willing to follow whatever “magical” potion is thrown at them, as long as it is fast and easy.

Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to serious health issues. Blinded by desperation, people will follow such trends without proper research whether there is science behind it or not. However, when it comes to water, no one can deny the benefits of hydration. Your skin, hair, nails, gut, and basically your overall well being depend on your daily water intake.

But, even normal water has a new upgrade; Alkaline Water which is creating a buzz right now. What exactly is Alkaline Water? And should you be drinking it?

What Does Alkaline Water Mean?

The pH (Potential Hydrogen) measures the number of free Hydrogen ions in water. It determines whether water is acidic or alkaline. At pH 7, water is neutral; below 7 is acidic, while above is alkaline. Pure drinking water in its natural state is neutral. However, alkaline water (with pH ranging from 8 to 10) has gained recent popularity after the widespread research studies dubbing it the smarter water choice, especially within the fitness-obsessed communities and health fanatics, based on its ability to help with weight-loss among other heaps of benefits.

Where to Find Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water can be found in certain rocky environments like wells and springs, making it inaccessible to everyone. But, you can make your own artificial water using an alkaline water machine or ionizer which works on chemically changing the pH levels of regular tap water. This thorough review on presents a number of alkaline water machines available in the market mentioning the pros and cons of each. By connecting these machines to your water source, the ionizer separates the acidic and alkaline components through electrolysis. You end up in the alkaline water to drink, while the acidic component you can use for cleaning purposes.


For those who seek to incorporate alkaline water into their diets, these machines will be a cost-efficient alternative to buying it bottled over the long run. Plus, you get to prepare it to form the comfort of your homes.

Is Alkaline Water Beneficial?

Alkaline water enthusiasts believe that alkaline water has many advantages that include:

  1. Neutralizing Stomach Acidity: given the alkaline nature, it helps with neutralizing the acidity in the stomach, treating cases of persistent acid reflux.
  2. Promoting Weight Loss: by ridding the body from weight-adding toxins, alkaline water is believed to help with weight loss.
  3. Improving Skin Health: again, by detoxifying the body from harmful substances, skin becomes healthy and glowing. Also, the easier absorbed nutrient alkaline water contains are believed to have anti-aging properties, leaving the skin looking younger and suppler.

Risks Related To Alkaline Water

Even though generally speaking, alkaline water is safe to consume, some studies show that over time, it can cause some serious health issues. Each of the above-assumed advantages has a counter opinion in response.

For instance, the over-alkalinity of the stomach can cause nausea, aches or vomiting. Or worse, it can go as far as substantially decreasing the levels of calcium in the body affecting the overall health of bones. The biggest point of concern, though, is how alkaline water has been promoted as a “cure” for cancer. This is such a dangerous claim and was never really proved to be true.

Those skeptical about the alkaline water debate that regular neutral water does exactly what alkaline water does at a much less cost. They mainly see that there is absolutely no point in going out of your way to getting your hands on what they believe to be just another marketing hoax.

Should You Be Drinking Alkaline Water?

There is yet to be a strong case of how alkaline water is superior to normal drinking water, but after all, it remains water. If you buy into the beliefs in this kind of water and it would take you up, your hydration game, then, by all means, go for it. It is advised to beware of overconsumption and not go overboard and have it replace normal water completely.

As long as you have all the facts you need about alkaline water and made your own investigation, weighing the benefits against the risks, you can make an educated choice. Our bodies are different and react differently to what we consume; alkaline water might prove great for your friend but does nothing for you. Be your own judge and ease into it one sip at a time.


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