What is a CrossFit Chipper workout?

Sometimes recovery is slowed... just like carrying a load! #MooseisLoose

In CrossFit, the word “chipper” doesn’t have any reference to one’s mood or well-being.  In fact, it typically represents some monumental, grinder of a workout whereby a series of movements are linked together one after another.  An example of a chipper would include Filthy-fifty or the “Nutts” hero workouts.  Sometimes “chipper” workouts are done in a team or partner format, or sometimes it’s just you against the clock.  Either way, it’s all fun and games until someone develops a case of rhabdo — just kidding!

What is a CrossFit Chipper workout?

The atypical chipper in Crossfit is composed of 5 to 10 movements done at a moderate level and is designed to push the metabolic condition of the athlete(s) who find themselves lucky enough to be participating in one of these workouts.  One thing is for certain, Chippers both test and push your limits.  And bottom line, as much as I hate them, they’re one of my favorite workout formats.  Heck, you get to do a bunch of stuff, hang out with friends, and tax your system all in one session – what else could you ask for? (besides the obvious ice bath afterwards?)

Workout of the Day: The Renegade Chipper

Today’s chipper (AKA workout of the day) at Crossfit Renegade was pieced together by Coach Jamie “Fidds” Fiddler.  It was a beauty!

In partners, with only 1 person working at a time, complete the following for time:

  • 50 x burpees
  • 100 x double unders
  • 50 x 20lbs 10ft wallballs
  • 100 x deadlifts at 205lbs
  • 50 x pushups (games standards)
  • 100 x kettlebell swings with 24kg KB
  • 50 x pullups
  • 100 x 20lbs ballslams
  • 50 x 75lbs squat snatch
  • 100 x  ab mat situps
  • 50 x jump overs (partner on hands and knees, the other partner jumps over their back)
  • 210 feet of overhead walking lunges with a 45lbs plate (plate cannot touch ground ever! if it does, 400m run as a penalty)
Me and Coach Fidds… still chipper!

Coach Fidds and I were partners and completed this one in 33:33 (a funny aside, I screwed up and jumped to KB swings without doing pull-ups, so we had to swings and go back and do the pull-ups… so we actually did 125 kb swings – yes, very dumb on my part)

Any way, give it a rip and let me know what you think.  Stay chipper!

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  • Wouter

    Good training. Preparing for Cross-Fit Games?

    • Dai

      Definitely prepping for the Open. Not sure if I will compete as an individual or as a part of an affiliate team. Need to decide soon. And you?

  • Cheongy

    I love a good chipper! but there seams to be suggestions that they should only be done once in a blue moon (ie 3 – 6 months?!?) – not sure where this suggestion came from, but would be good to get your thoughts on it…

    My thoughts are:
    While I guess there’s more opportunity for injury in a long work out – if a chipper is designed right, an athlete should be able to maximise power output throughout a longer duration…. and really… we should be training for GPP – which is the unknown and unknowable (not 5-20minute wods)….



    • Dai

      Hey Cheongy! Thanks for the comment. I agree the programming has to be constantly varied and ultimately much of it does prepare us for all round GPP. I don’t mind a good chipper every once and a while but I leave it up to the person doing the programming to decide the frequency. That way I’m never ontop of what is going to be on the board tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day… and in essence, surprised every time I come into the box and check out the WOD.

      Where abouts are you training currently?

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