A WTF statistic: 76% of Parents blame their kids for getting fat…

A family that "grows" together, stays together? (photo care of 500 Lbs Peep)

A family that “grows” together, stays together? (photo care of 500 Lbs Peep)

In a recent IPSOS Reid survey commissioned by Fitness Town, [highlight]76% of parents blamed their children[/highlight] for their own inability to maintain an active lifestyle. Whoa! That's startling isn't it? I think for the most part it takes an internal shift to switch our focus and our “why” we maintain a healthy lifestyle. Clarity is essential and internal dialogue and language is key to our success in any attempt, in particular as it relates to our health, fitness and overall well-being. I look at things from a glass half-full perspective – call me a perpetual optimist but I prefer to look for the positive than the negative in anything I do. It just makes me feel better about me and in general I find it easier and more natural to keep up that mind state than that of a negative nature.

[highlight]For me, my kids are my WHY for maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle – they're NEVER why I can't[/highlight].

See what I did there? Shift your perspective to positive thoughts, and you know what comes next, positive beliefs and from that positive actions… oh ba di, oh ba da, life goes on and the rest will follow. #simpleisassimpledoes

Other Scary Survey Findings

Top ways Metro Vancouverites blame their inactivity on their jobs:

  1. Being exhausted after the working day – 76%
  2. Long working hours – 46%
  3. Wasted time commuting to and from work – 45%
  4. Stressful job demands – 43%

From a family perspective, nearly half (46%) of the Metro Vancouver parents polled claimed their kids are the most active members of the household. The survey also revealed that 57% of parents say they are less active as an adult than when they were a child, despite 33% claiming their parents set a positive example of a healthy and active lifestyle which positively affected their lifestyle choices today.

stressful day at the office

Those who say they are less active as adults, claim a large part of their inactivity is due to work and family obligations. Top five reasons:

  1. My time is taken up with the children – 76%
  2. Lack of time due to work/social obligations – 74%
  3. Not a priority – 21%
  4. Lack of physical ability – 18%
  5. Financial reasons – 16%
Recently I was interviewed on CKNW's Simi Sara show by guest host, Steve Darling. We discuss goal setting, fitness, health, kids, diet and nutrition – all focusing on providing people with learning new ways of maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle heading into 2014. Have a listen.

We all need to find balance

Which direction to go? Work, life balance

Balancing work, family, social commitments and fitness is challenging for everyone. Incorporating fitness into your daily lifestyle is not only important for your well-being but it is also proven to help increase your alertness and overall career satisfaction. The best way to show your children that fitness is important is to lead by example. By spinning at home, doing yoga or running on a treadmill will show your children that fitness is a priority. You could also plan family fitness activities such as weekend hiking trips, cycling excursions, family fitness days and home fitness challenges. If you make fitness a part of everyone’s lifestyle, it will be easier to stay active year round.

So what's next for all of us? That's the challenge

A few months ago I launched the first #300aDAY challenge. It was a month-long workout which was simple to execute, no equipment required and ultimately was accessible to everyone. Within 1 week over 1,200 people from around the world signed up to participate. As if that wasn't awesome enough, what I found happened next was even more amazing – the online community blew up. Via our private Facebook group people were connecting with one another, motivating each other, cheering each other on and ultimately holding one another accountable to staying the course for the duration of the challenge. Simply put, #EPIC!

Now into our first #31DayChallenge, the landscape of the challenge has morphed into one that has taken the community to a whole new level. Check it out at www.The31DayChallenge.com for more info and join in the fun!

Heading into February I've racked my head with new ways to take things to a whole new level of engagement and ultimately help people set goals, put a plan in place that is sensitive to all the factors listed above. I'm fired up beyond belief to tell you more, but I need a bit more information to fine tune the final product.

… And to do this, I need your help. Can you take a moment and fill out the following survey (6 questions)?

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WOD 24/7 is coming! Stay tuned... click for more info.

WOD 24/7 is coming! Stay tuned… click for more info.

Thanks in advance for your help and support! You are AWESOME!

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