Fat measurement with body fat calipers

Never use calipers again! (thank goodness!)

You've spent hours, days, months and years working on your health and fitness. While pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle, you lift heavy, move regularly, strain and push your body to its limits and at the end of the day, you're left wondering “is all my hard work paying off?”

Until recently, your best bet would be eyeballing your body in a mirror, or, if you have the patience and wherewithal to use body fat calipers, you can measure your body's external measurements. For the most part, these methods leave much too much margin for error.

What if you could know more about your muscles? Take a snapshot of them from the outside-in? And what if, in taking these snapshots, you could know the exact percentage of muscle to fat ratios and which body parts need more attention?

Enter the Skulpt AIM

The Skulpt Aim provides the easiest, most exact, and only way to measure your muscle quality (MQ) along with body fat composition.

The old days of gauging your health based on your body mass index are no more! The Skulpt, in my opinion, uses technology which makes calipers, impedance scales, and most other body-comp tests irrelevant… and it fits in the palm of your hand.

What is the Skulpt AIM?

The Skulpt AIM unit is about the size of your average smart phone. There is a screen on one side and twelve metal bar sensors on the other. Once you've downloaded the software to your smart phone or computer, you are ready to go. The AIM unit tells you which part of your body to put the sensors on. Spritz the area with water and lay the sensor flush against the skin. This is where the technology takes over.

How does the Skulpt AIM technology work?

The AIM unit uses EIM technology (Electrical Impedance Myography). This was developed by the founders of Skulpt – Dr. Seward Rutkove (Neurologist at Harvard) and Dr. Jose Bohroquez (Electrical Engineer MIT). It was developed to track the muscle progress in patients that were suffering from various muscular disorders. Before EIM, there really was no way to see this muscle progress.

Skuplt MQ - Muscle Quality

With the Skulpt AIM unit, the EIM technology does the work for you. It uses a total of 12 sensors on multiple frequencies to send a small current through the muscle. The current will flow differently through the muscles due to muscle fiber size and composition. AIM evaluates the results and gives you the MQ of your muscles. Best of all, it is painless and takes only seconds.

As a quick cautionary note though – because the Skulpt AIM unit uses tiny electrical impulses, people with electrical devices implanted – like pacemakers – and pregnant women are not advised to use it.

How do I use the Skulpt Aim to measure my body fat (BF) and muscle quality (MQ)?

The AIM unit will run through and tell you which muscles to test or you can choose the muscle. If you measure your biceps, triceps, abdominal region, and thighs, the AIM unit will give you your total body fat % and total MQ (Muscle Quality) score. An average MQ score is around 100. The higher the score, the better. (I've shared my results below)


My results with the Skulpt AIM device

The Skulpt AIM unit comes with a charging station, and will sync with select devices via Bluetooth. The unit will allow up to 6 different users programmed in at any given time, as well assigned a unique color so to differentiate the results. You can track your progress daily, monthly, and yearly using the color graphs and scales. Everything is extremely easy to read and understand.

So is the Skulpt AIM worth owning?

For any serious athlete, this AIM unit is definitely worth every penny. Tracking muscular development and quality of muscle along with body fat percentage, this is key, but best of all you'll never use a pair of calipers again! Whether you're a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, anyone who spends time to train their body will find this progressive piece of technology purely awesome!

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