tennis-court-443267_640A dynamic tennis warm up routine is a critical component for all tennis players to perform before all practices, matches, and tournaments.

Its purpose is to properly prepare the upper body and lower body for the constant stopping, starting and the rigors of moving around the tennis court. Tennis is extremely hard on the joints and skipping the dynamic warm-up may result in otherwise preventable injuries.

What is a “dynamic” warm up?

This simply means you are moving as you stretch. It differs from “static” stretching where you would hold a stretch position for 10 to 30 seconds while remaining motionless. When compared to static stretching, dynamic stretching has been proven to:

  • Better activate the muscles you will be using when you play,
  • Improve your range of motion,
  • Enhance muscular performance and power and
  • Improve body awareness.

tennis-363662_640Your dynamic warmup should focus on the rotator cuff, back, hips, calves, hamstrings, IT band, and knees and should be completed right there on the tennis court. The workout should take approximately 15-20 minutes depending upon one’s age, the weather conditions, and any physical limitations that one is suffering from. If you don’t like keeping time, it should take as long as it takes to either remove an article of clothing such as a warm-up jacket or pants or get a light sweat, which indicates that the body is fully ready for the upcoming practice or match.

The routine will be shorter when exercising in hot and humid conditions because the tennis player will get sweaty at a faster rate. On the flip side when performing the warm-up drills in cooler temperatures one will need to spend more time warming up the body to be properly prepared for the upcoming tennis training session.

Remember, a thorough workout will help prevent injury; improves your performance, improves coordination, and will help tennis players get ready for the physically demanding practice and/or match.

In this article I am going to share a complete routine of dynamic warm-up exercises that tennis players can perform right there on the tennis court. Always remember when performing these individual exercises to use correct technique and listen to the body so you can achieve maximum value and prevent injuries.

Dynamic Warm-up drills for tennis and other racket sports

Hamstring – Tennis Warm Up Exercise

The first tennis warm up exercise is called Frankenstein walks, which is designed to stretch the hamstrings, hips, and calf muscles. For this exercise I recommend performing 2-3 sets for 10 repetitions on each leg right there on the tennis court.

Learn How to Warm-Up Your Hamstring Muscles

Learn How to Strengthen Your Glutes

Lie on your back with the resistance band around your ankles and move one leg outward away from the body. Aim to keep the unused leg down the entire time. Perform 1-2 sets for 10-12 reps on each side.

Strengthen Your Core with this FUN Exercise

Lay down with your elbow firmly on the ground and a straight line throughout your body. When ready raise upward with the unused arm facing upward and hold this position. Perform 1-2 sets for 20-30 seconds on each side.


This is an excerpt from the full version of this post which can be accessed here to learn simple tennis warm-up exercises! I hope these 9 tennis warm-up exercises serve and help you greatly on the court. Your body needs these to improve your health.

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