According to many studies, lemon has tremendous benefits for health. Lemon is not only rich in vitamin C, but it also helps burn the fats and excess calories in our bodies. Both of the properties have the same weight loss effect. Besides, lemon contains citric acid, which helps control the level of sugar in the blood and reduce or eliminate the cravings.

◉ Thanks to the high content of acid, lemon helps to reduce the sugar, and it also improves the calcium absorbance from the foods we consume. Researchers have proved the fact that if more calcium gets stored in the calls, more fats get burned.

◉ Lemon juice has a low-calorie content, so drinking it doesn’t significantly increase the total amount of calories you absorb daily from other sugary drinks.

◉ Lemon contains pectin, which helps reduce the cravings for unhealthy foods.

◉ Consuming lemon juice on a regular basis helps clean the intestine, and improve the performance of the digestive system and aids in weight loss.

◉ The potassium properties in lemon help reduce the stress, which is one of the causes of weight gain.

lemon recipes for weight loss

Best time to drink lemon juice

◉ The best time to consume lemon juice is 30 minutes after a meal.

◉ Drinking lemon diluted in water every morning after waking up helps purify the body and clean the intestinal tract. In about 300 ml purified water, you can squeeze half a lemon. A small spoon of honey can be added to reduce the sour taste.

◉ After each workout, you can also drink a cup of lemon juice with salt in it. This mix will balance the electrolyte concentration, recover the lost energy and burn the unnecessary fats quickly.

Some notes when drinking lemon juice for weight loss

lemon recipes for weight loss

◉ Drinking lemon juice won’t help you lose weight unless you don’t change your eating habit. You need to limit the consumption of starch and sugar while increasing your fiber and water intake.

◉ Maintaining a daily exercise routine for half an hour is a must to burn unneeded energy.

◉ You shouldn't eat any junk foods when you are on a diet with lemon juice.

◉ You shouldn't abuse lemon juice by drinking too much of it. The acidic properties in lemons can harm the stomach and even cause stomach ulcers. If you have a precedent for stomach-related diseases, it is imperative to pay attention to the reaction of your stomach to lemon juice consuming. You should stop drinking lemon juice immediately if heartburn symptoms appear.

Best lemon juice recipes for weight loss

Lemon and honey

lemon recipes for weight loss

You may already know that one of the best ingredients to burn fats is honey. An excellent source to supply energy to our bodies,  pure honey goes great with lemon. Not only does it have a good effect on your throat, but honey also optimizes the fat burning processes which happen in your whole body.

To make this drink, you can follow these steps:

◉ Prepare 300 ml purified water, the juice of a lemon, and 2 coffee spoons of pure honey.

◉ Put all ingredients in a cup, stir them together and drink it 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

Another excellent use for honey is for stimulating metabolism and digestion, which can in return cause effective weight loss.

Lemon juice diluted in water

Especially mixed with hot weather, drinking lemon juice is always a great idea.

Especially in hot weather, drinking diluted lemon juice is an excellent choice. Not only does it help you lose weight, but also it replaces purified water whenever you feel thirsty.

To prepare your own drink, you need to do these two things:

◉ Prepare 1 lemon and a cup of purified water.

◉ Squeeze the lemon juice into the cup, and then stir up and drink.

Don’t add sugar if you want to rip all the weight loss benefits from drinking lemon juice. To avoid having stomach ulcers, you should dilute the lemon juice until the water is just slightly sour.

Warm lemon juice and salt

lemon recipes for weight loss

If you haven't found out yet, scientists have already discovered incredible benefits of mixing Himalayan salt and lemon. A glass of warm or cold lemon water with salt can not only decrease the fats in your stomach but also your whole body. Besides, it also helps fight inflammation and improve your digestion.

Because the ingredients are cheap and easy to find, many people, or even yourself included, would be hesitant to try this remedy. This drink not only that it helps you lose weight and burn fats safely, but it also whitens the skin and removes the toxins which accumulate in the body.

If you follow the steps below, your drink will just perfect:

◉ Squeeze the juice of a lemon, and prepare 300 ml of cold water.

◉ Put all ingredients together with 1/3 coffee spoon of salt and stir up.

◉ After that, add a little of boiled water in the mixture until you feel it is warm enough to drink. Extra tip: the hotter the water is, the more fats get burned. However, if the water is too hot, you can’t drink it, and the lemon juice is bitter as well.

◉ Drink it every day 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and before going to bed.

Lemon juice and ginger

This drink can help you quickly burn excess fats, positively improve the function of the digestive system as well as play an anti-inflammatory role.

To get the right mix for this beverage, you need to follow the instructions below:

◉ Squeeze 2 lemons to take their juice.

◉ Put the juice in a small pot and add some fresh ginger slices into it.

◉ Bring the pot to simmer over low heat.

◉ When it boils, add 1 liter of purified water together with a clean lemon skin.

◉ Keep it in the container for 1 minute. After that, turn off the stove and let it cool down.

◉ Pour into a cup and drink it 30 minutes before each meal.

This beverage is not only an excellent remedy for weight loss, but it's also a great drink that detoxifies your body.

A good eating habit for efficient weight loss: Combine lemons with a low-carb diet

A low-carb diet is an excellent diet that works perfectly for those who want to lose weight quickly. The basic principle of this dietary choice is removing all ingredients which have sugar and starch. Therefore, if we combine these two weight loss recipes, losing weight will happen twice as effectively.

If you are attempting to lose an exact amount of weight in a short period of time, try to limit your daily intake of starch and sugar.

Some facts you need to know when using lemon juice for weight loss:

◉ If you have stomach-related diseases, any weight loss remedies which include lemon should not be applied.

◉ There can be a feeling that you are gaining weight when you first start drinking lemon juice. This effect occurs because lemon produces water retention in the body. Luckily, you don’t need to worry because this situation will not last long, and you’ll soon notice what benefits it holds.

◉ You shouldn’t make the lemon juice too sour in the morning. When drinking it, just take small sips.

Are you really ready for significant weight loss? If yes, now is the time to try these lemon based drinks. The dream body you desire is one drink away!

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