Are you tired of cycling, weight lifting, aerobics, and running because they don’t work for you? Well, here is some excellent news for you: sex is the ultimate body workout!

Most workouts are tedious, tiresome, and expensive at times if you compare them with sex. Is pleasure guaranteed if you lift weights and run every day? Do you have the discipline to work out regularly? If that’s your case, you can turn sex into your favorite training routine. By far the most pleasurable workout, sex is really incomparable to other workouts.

Most people make love because they want to have fun, and little do they know that they’re actually exercising. More so often, you often hear people complain of tiredness after sex.

The reason why most people don’t consider making love as a full body workout is that they forget how much effort really goes into this enjoyable activity. If all the exercises would so fun like this one, imagine how physically fit everyone could be!

According to many studies, because sex engages all body muscles, some really consider it the ultimate training for both body and mind. As awkward that may sound, this alone should give you a reason to spend more time between the sheets!

Interesting Things You Should Know About Sex

Interest Things About Sex

According to a study conducted by the University of Montreal, women burn approximately 69 calories during an average sex session. Besides, if you thought sex is only a workout for women, you are wrong because most men consume about 100 calories during intercourse.

The body has 657 muscles, and you need to exercise all these muscles in order to stay healthy.

For instance, golf exercises 137 muscles, break-dance 133, texting 38, and crying uses 17 muscles. Also, most workout routines usually don’t involve too many muscles, but sex, if done correctly, can exercise all of them. Is it any wonder then that sex is so awesome?

Besides, even though some people refer to the penis as the man’s love muscle, to many people’s surprise, the penis doesn’t contain any muscles.

With each minute you spend engaged in sexual intercourse, you will burn approximately 3.6 calories, which is a higher number of calories you consume while walking. Finally, the best thing about sex is that you’ll rarely feel that you are exercising because of the pleasure involved in it.

Benefits of Sex

Most people look for a suitable workout routine to benefit from improved sleep, to stay physically fit, reduce stress, improve productivity, and reduce the chances of sickness. Sex, done regularly, allows you to enjoy all these benefits. Below, you'll find out what are the best advantages to having great sex.

Benefits of Sex

Improved heart health

Just like other physical activities, good sex is great for your heart. People who have sex more frequently have fewer chances of suffering from cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. By increasing the flow of blood leading to improved heart activity, sex burns a lot of calories and helps to keep your weight in check.

Better sleep

If you experience sleep problems, having sex could be very beneficial to you. If you think an intense gym session can do the trick, wait until after you have sex. Sex will make you instantly feel like sleeping. As soon as you have a fantastic session with your partner, you’ll sleep like a baby.

How come good sex makes you sleep so rapidly?

Well, when having an orgasm, a prolactin hormone connected to sleep gets released into the bloodstream. For women the levels of estrogen in the body also goes up, which also leads to better sleep.

Stress reduction

You have probably heard people advocate for exercise as a way to reduce stress. In addition to being more pleasurable than working out, according to a recent study conducted on 46 people, sex can alleviate stress before public speaking.

If done correctly,  this specific “bedroom training” can do miracles because of the movement of hips during sex release tension and stress. Making love lowers not only the level of cortisol the body, but it also boosts the level of oxytocin. If just a hug can calm you down, imagine what effect sex can have! You can only try for yourself and share the results with us!

Boosts your immune system

People who frequently have sex have better protection against viruses and germs. Sex increases the number of antibodies in the body thus strengthening your immune system. To avoid falling sick often, have more sex, and you'll definitely become healthier.

Reduced risk of prostate cancer

Men who ejaculate over 21 times a month compared to those who do so about four times are less likely to suffer from prostate cancer. Cancer is a dreadful disease, so it’s important to try and prevent it by any means possible. If you want to reduce the chances of developing prostate cancer, it's recommended to spend more time between the sheets.

Skin that glows and looks younger

If given an option, we would all want to stay young forever. Besides getting wiser as we age, most of us are not happy when our skin begins to show signs of old age. Some people exercise a lot to stay young-looking, but sex can also help a great deal.

If you are dying for that smooth skin, you can easily achieve it through making love. Last but not least, sex promotes not only glowing skin, which is a result of reduced stress and improved blood flow, but also comes with long-term health benefits.

Best Exercises to Be Bedroom Fit

Now that you have learned about the benefits of sex, it’s time to find out which exercises can help you improve your sexual experience. We all want to be great in bed, but how many of us actually know what it takes? If you want your sexual performance to improve, you don't really need to take Viagra!

Best Exercises to Be Bedroom Fit

By exercising regularly, you can turn into a real beast in bed. Below you’ll  find suggestions on how to speed up this process.

Weight lifting

Have you always wondered how you could become a bedroom athlete or Olympian? It’s easy, train like a professional! Because lifting weights leads to increased production of testosterone boosts male libido, most doctors will also advocate for strength training as a means to improve sex drive.

Recent studies have confirmed that there is a link between increased levels of testosterone in the body when people are engaged in strenuous exercises. For performing in the bedroom like an Olympian, you need a strong upper body.

To reach your goal, it is advisable that you do crunches, sit-ups, and push-ups. You mainly use the muscles in the upper part of the body during intercourse, so building muscles through these exercises will definitely make you a better lover!


Named after a physician known as Arnold Kegel, Kegel exercises are another excellent exercise for men who want to achieve the best performance in bed. As an exercise, Kegel increases endurance and leads to the toning of the pubococcygeus muscles which help you to control the flow of urine. Besides, doing Kegel exercises also strengthens your pelvic muscles which significantly improves your sex life.

Additionally, Kegels can also be used to delay ejaculation. To perform these exercises, begin by interrupting your urine flow. If you start doing this every time you go the restroom, you'll soon be able to squeeze your PC muscles any place and any time.

How To: Hold the muscles for about 10 seconds before you relax, and do as many repetitions as possible. As a result, you will  have better control of ejaculation if you know when and how to contract these specific muscles.


Nowadays, yoga has become quite a trendy workout almost anywhere you go, and most people do it for health purposes. Besides, you can also spice up your sex life by learning new sex positions.

How To: You can practice the peacock pose, shoulder stand, and the bow pose. Also, yoga will increase your flexibility, and your muscles and bones will grow stronger. With such mind-blowing effects on both your health and sex life, yoga promises never to disappoint you!

Fast walking

Brisk walking is a great exercise that helps you maintain healthy blood flow and favors the elimination of fatty tissues by activating the blood circulation. Besides, some studies found that aerobic activities burn more than 200 calories daily which in return lower the ED risks.  Among other vigorous activities, brisk walking and running make your body release endorphins, which in return will boost your sexual performance and relax you.

When you do fast walking, blood vessels such as arteries and veins will become a lot clearer,  and this will make your erections longer and stronger. As stated in this Harvard research, aerobic exercises also lead to lower rates of erectile dysfunction, so why integrate brisk walking into your daily life?


As having sex, swimming is an activity of strength and endurance and introducing it to your weekly workouts will improve your sex life.

If you really want to improve our ability to perform in bed at a quicker pace, swim at least three times a week for about 30 minutes a session. Besides, fat loss will also promote the development of six-pack abs,  which in return will make you look more attractive. As a direct result of swimming, an increasing number of people will become more attracted to you, and this will definitely boost your sexual performance.

Best Sex Positions as an Exercise

Best Sex Positions

Missionary position

Most people consider the missionary position to be boring or a position you get into when you feel lazy or tired. Despite all those beliefs, Missionary can be a great workout!

For obtaining the best results, you have to engage enthusiastically in performing this activity, as your core muscles will start burning excessively. Being a workout which requires core strength, the back and forth thrusts will get certainly improve your overall physical health.

When in this position, you’ll feel a lot of pressure on your abs like you would feel when doing sit-ups exercises. Also, if you focus on lifting the pelvis, this can quickly become a great butt workout. Unlike running and weightlifting, the Missionary won't make you feel like giving up, and it will also bring you a lot of satisfaction at the end of each session.

Doggy style

Doggy style is a favorite sexual position for many people.

Besides being an excellent workout for the upper body, both men and women benefit from adding this to their sexual intercourse.

Firstly, a woman's core gets engaged when the penetration happens from behind. Secondly, because she stays on her fours, the man uses his glutes and quadriceps to perform in this position properly.

Also, women can touch the wall rather than the bed to increase muscle tension. No matter what you decide to do, you can always get creative while reaching your sexual health goals.


Everything about this position sounds like it was built to awaken your wild side, but Cowgirl can also be an excellent workout for legs, core and back muscles. Depending on a woman's flexibility, this sex position engages her lower abs and butt, and also makes a woman's pelvic muscles flex. You can easily get creative if she lies on the floor or bed with her legs bent back.


Because most people encounter some difficulty in trying to engage in the Lotus, this position is not quite common.

First, to be able to perform satisfactorily and support the physical demands, which this sexual position involves, a higher level of fitness is required. Similar to the missionary position, the Lotus is a passive sex position which in fact exercises the same muscles as those during the cowgirl style.

In practice, it is advisable that you try this position as often as possible because it will not only engage your glutes during thrusting, but it will also be beneficial for your core. The lotus sex position is one that involves many unused muscles, so make sure you find a comfortable position, and just take advantage of that close physical contact.

So, that's how you turn sex into a full body workout! If you're not convinced that sex involves all muscles, just try it tonight!

Also, most often sexual intercourse goes unnoticed as a workout session and also boosts the level of intimacy between partners. Why not forget about weightlifting and running, when keeping yourself healthy through can be so much fun?

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