The mind is a repository of thoughts. Every day our minds process thoughts that range from positive to negative and directly or indirectly these thoughts have effects on our moods, behavior, and perception. The thing about negative thoughts is that they are stubborn and could overshadow the positive thoughts in mind. Just like the weeds growing on a garden side by side the crops, negative thoughts fight for space in the mind and they do this in such a way that if left alone they can get corrupt the positive thoughts and get rid of them so that all that the mind begins to process and produce is just negative thoughts only. Without any doubt, our thoughts shape our mindset and our reality. In whatever we do, what we think and how we think matters, you think positive you get positive results, you think negative you get negative results. If given an option between negative and positive thoughts, which would you rather choose?

7 Tips to Shift from Negative to Positive Thinking

Click here to learn more on how to transform your thinking from negative to positive. Consider these few tips to fight negative thoughts;

Tip 1: Learn to Banish Bad Thoughts

Thoughts are not harmless. If they are allowed to linger on, they can do a lot of good or damage depending on the nature of the thinking that is involved. Your disposition to negative thoughts matters if you are going to overcome them. Negative thoughts will not go away by themselves, you have to confront them and you must do this early. Do not even give them a space to stay on your mind at all. Dispel them the moment they surface in your mind. For instance, when a self-limiting thought comes on your mind that you are ugly and useless, do not even think about it at all. Counter it immediately by thinking about how lovely and good you are. Make up your mind to replace each negative thoughts with two good positive thoughts and you would be on the path towards eliminating bad thoughts from your mind.

Tip 2: Count Your Blessings Instead of Chaos

When things are not going well for you, it is easy to think negative. The ideas our minds process are mostly influenced by the experiences of our daily life. However, you must know that however bad the situation you are passing through might be, your case is not the worst. You are still better off than others somewhere and even if yours is the worst case scenario, there is hope that things can turn around for good. Learn to celebrate your wins and forget about your loses. You must be your cheerleader always.

Tip 3: Don’t Suppress Your Emotions

Learn and master the art of self-expression. Do not suppress your emotions. When you learn to express your feelings as they come, you make your mind a conducive environment for positive thoughts to thrive. Be yourself and express yourself. Cry if you feel like and laugh if you feel like, it will help you relieve yourself of stress and become more lively and confident in yourself.

Tip 4: Maintain Your Distance From Negative Company

Whatever you do, do your best to avoid negative people; toxic people who are always emphasizing on your mistakes and errors and never commend, or complement your strengths. In the battle to overcome negative thoughts, you must separate yourself as far as possible from negative people and replace them with those who motivates you and encourages you to be the best you can. The words people say about you can affect you in a big way. It is helpful if you surround yourself with those who speak positive words to you rather than those who thrive on the negative.

Tip 5: Practice Mindfulness to Stop Overthinking

Mindfulness is an incredible strategy to strengthen your mind to filter the good thoughts from the bad ones. It gives you the key to your mind and thereby helps you to lock out negative thoughts and open the door to the positive ones. More importantly, mindfulness helps you resist the urge to over criticize yourself. Many times, we introduce negative thoughts by over-thinking our mistakes. As we evaluate and reflect on past actions, sometimes we risk over thinking and over blaming ourselves. Mindfulness is a helpful tool to strengthen the mind to let go of the past and move on with the present.

Tip 6: Exercise to Change Up Your Mood

If you want to live long and healthy, you must exercise. This statement is probably not new to you. However, there is a catch. Exercise does not just help to tone your body and muscles; it also helps to tone your mind. It helps to shift the paradigm of your mind. This is not exactly strange though; after all, there is a connection between the body and the mind. If you take care of the body, you are also taking care of the mind. Embark on regular exercises to boost your brain functioning. When you go on exercises, make up your mind to incorporate positive thoughts as you do so and ensure to let go of the negative ones. Negative thoughts can dampen your mood; it can make you angry, grumpy or aloof. When the negative thoughts begin to show up, get up and begin exercising.

Tip 7: Try to Break the Cycle of Negative Emotions

Negative thoughts are vicious. They are on a mission to spoil your mood, break down your self-confidence and damage your relationships. This is why you must be on your guard to deal aggressively with them. Do not let them perpetrate your mind.

Break the cycle.

One effective way of breaking the cycle of negative thoughts is by disbelieving them. This is because believing negative thoughts is like pouring gasoline on a raging fire; you further give life to it. When you disbelieve the negative thoughts, you starve them of life and they die out. Another helpful way to overcome negative thoughts is by identifying the triggers and avoiding them. Discover the people, place or events that introduce negative thoughts and avoid them like a plague.

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