For those of reaching our mid-30s, it’s easy to start feeling a touch of anxiety about your weight loss. One problem that a lot of us have when it comes to losing weight is that we still keep lifestyle habits from our 20s alive in our 30s. Though 30 is by no means old, it is a period in life where our metabolism will start to suffer. As such, the things that you used to do that kept you fit might no longer be enough!

If that starts to become the case, then it might be time to start making a few adjustments based on your lifestyle. For example, did you ever consider the importance of doing some workouts that might change up your regime a bit?

Whether you have or not, it might be time to start doing so. Here, then, are five very useful exercises that we wholly recommend you start putting into practice as you move beyond your present position in life, you can also find a list of 55 more at the bottom of this post. Believe us, the results can be pretty impressive if you stick at it!

Deep Squat

The first place to start is the super-useful deep squat. This has become a go-to form of exercise for many people, as it offers such a useful way to kick off some of that excess weight in a natural, enjoyable manner. One of the main reasons why this usually works so well is the fact that it offers such a challenging physical workout.

With a deep squat, you get to enjoy a much richer burn when you go on down to the floor and back up. You will start to notice a big difference in your muscle mass, the strength of the joints in your legs and a whole host of other physical improvements that were previously missing.

This usually leads to a vast improvement in your physical fitness, meaning that you are much more likely to be able to enjoy the physical improvement that comes from doing the workout. You will also find that some deep squats are good for making sure you can enjoy a bit more ‘burn’ in the buttock area.

Deep squats do a good job of working ankles, knees and hips, which are key joint areas which are bound to become weaker with age: deep squats help to stop that problem.

Dumbbell Deadlift

One the exercise we do recommend that you start trying out, too, is the dumbbell deadlift. This has become a popular choice of a workout as the power needed to carry out a deadlift is quite considerable. It helps to maintain a higher level of bone mass and bone density, meaning that our bones are more resistant to physical damage. This has numerous pay-offs, not least the fact that you are going to feel much more durable as you age.

Start off by separating your feet around hip-width from one another and hold the dumbbell(s) in front of you. Face your palms inward, and then hinge yourself forward from the waist. Avoid arching the back. Lower your dumbbells to the shins, and then towards the feet, until you feel your hamstrings really stretching. Go back to the starting point and do it again.

Deadlifts at 435lbs (rep 2)

If you keep doing this, you will notice a significant change in your physical shape and overall conditioning. In fact, you will often start to feel the results in days. This is an intensive workout, so be sure to give it your all: the results are dependent on your effort.

Single-leg Exercises

Next up for us to make sure that you start incorporating some single-leg exercises into your workout regime. This is hard to do right, but the rewards for doing so are impressive. Start off by standing on a single leg and maintain your balance. Close your eyes and then start trying to stand on your leg with your chest taking less of the weight. Try and then hinge yourself forward, always trying to keep your back as flat as you can.

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Do this, and then use your buttock muscles to force yourself back up to a standing position. It’s a very hard thing to do but doing it on each leg is going to really build-up and improve your physical prowess in each leg. We also recommend that you try this out as single-leg exercise tend to help build up better physical endurance and power in each leg. With the fact that you need to take the force on one leg instead of both legs, you will find that there is a huge amount of physical gain to be had from doing this. The results are very impressive and worth persevering through the pain for.

Multi-directional Strength and Mobility Exercises

Another form of exercise that we believe you should be working on is multi-direction strength and mobility exercises. Such exercises are becoming more and more enjoyable as they tend to give you better physical durability. You need something that forces you to be changing directions all the time, meaning that your body has to be ready for rapid changes in direction and in speed. One of the best sports for this, for example, is soccer. The constant back and forth from one goal to the next will make sure that you get a lot of movement as you track the ball and move around from direction to direction.

Many other sports, of course, are also worth pursuing. Football, though, has become a popular choice for many reasons. It’s also good for you to try out things like various forms of dancing, or even taking on sports such as tennis. We also recommend trying to incorporate a few side lunges into your workout program. The variety in direction is a real boon, and this will go some way to making sure that you can feel the physical improvements that you want and need to ensure personal growth and physical improvement long-term.

Your Diet Matters More Than Ever

Remember, though, that exercise is only a fraction of what your body needs. You also need to get a diet – in fact, some suggest that your diet makes up around 80% of your weight loss/gain. If you are looking to get into good shape and to build a durable body beyond the age of 35, the dietary changes need to be as strict as the physical changes.

benefits of keto diet

By all means, combine the above exercise into a routine and start enjoying them. By the same token, though, you should never put yourself in a position whereby you are fueling your workouts with the same junk food your body could burn off in your early teens.

Start taking more care of your diet, and your exercises will result in far more impressive quality overall. Many of us make the mistake of not paying enough attention when it comes to our diet. With the help of this, you can quickly and easily correct this issue and leave yourself far more willing to put up with the physical stresses that you feel.

So, with that in mind, where will you look next?

Be sure to try out each exercise, but also start changing dietary decisions. Simple stuff like eating more greens and cutting down on takeout food and similar will result in far more impressive results than you might expect.

Author Bio: Jessica max is the community manager at hydration calculator. She is a fitness writer writing for Gym Equipment GB. She uses her training to help other women struggling to get fit in mid-life. When not working, Jessica enjoys cycling and swimming.

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