If you are getting ready to take CBD gummies for the first time and anxiously awaiting the relaxing effects, you may be wondering how long it will take.

Unfortunately, the answer is not simple. When you take CBD gummies made by Verma Farms, or any other brand, a wide variety of factors affect how much time will pass between the moment you eat them, and the moment you begin to feel them. It could take as little as 20 minutes, and as long as two hours.

Method of CBD Delivery in Edibles

The effects of CBD generally take a bit longer with edibles than other forms of dosing. Vaping is the fastest method of delivery because the CBD enters your bloodstream from your lungs. Vaping can lead to respiratory issues, and many people do not enjoy the act or the odor. It also is accompanied by the most stigma out of all your options, since some people associate the act of vaping CBD to smoking marijuana. It also has the shortest duration because of the way it moves through your system.

Sublingual delivery is another faster route that may last a little longer than vaping, but many do not like the flavor. It is almost impossible to cover the flavor of hemp in CBD oils unless they are made with CBD isolate. When going for sublingual delivery, you need to hold the oil under your tongue for at least a minute, and the effects will begin to kick in within 15.

CBD gummies and edibles take the longest to kick in, but they provide the longest-lasting results. When you ingest CBD through eating it, it must first pass through your digestive system and on to your liver, before entering your bloodstream. This process breaks down the CBD more than other processes, which may contribute to longer-lasting effects. Edibles can last for four or more hours.

If you do not feel the effects of your CBD gummies within a couple of hours, it is probably safe to take more. You may need to experiment in order to get the right dose for you. Higher doses of CBD have been connected with drowsiness and diarrhea, but typically symptoms are minimal. You might want to wait until evening to try your first dose and that way you don’t have to worry if it makes you tired. CBD is usually well tolerated at very high doses, so you do have some room to experiment if you do not feel the effects of your first dose.


Because CBD passes through your digestive system before you can feel the effects of gummies, your metabolism will have a major effect on how long it takes. If you have a slower metabolism, it will probably take more time for your body to process the CBD. This means that the effects will come more slowly, and take longer to wear off. When you have a faster metabolism, the opposite will be true. You will probably feel the effects sooner, and they will wear off sooner as well.

Physical Activity

When you are physically active, more blood is pumping to your stomach, which means a faster digestion rate. So if you take CBD gummies right before you exercise or go out dancing, you will feel the effects sooner. If you take them after you have begun winding down for the day, however, they may take a little longer to kick in. If you are using CBD gummies to help you go to sleep, you may want to take them at least a half-hour to an hour before bed.


Because CBD gummies must pass through your stomach, taking them after a large meal may hinder the effects. When the gummies are competing with a cheeseburger and fries, they may lose some of their potency and take longer for you to feel them.

On the other hand, because most cannabinoids bind to fats, eating a small snack with healthy fats could aid absorption. Additionally, eating increases the blood flow to your stomach, therefore increasing the rate of digestion. You could try taking your gummies with a handful of nuts, or a salad with an olive oil dressing. Just don’t overdo it, because you do not want your stomach to be too full.

Top 5 Physical Health Benefits of Using CBD Oil

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Some people are ultra-aware of everything that happens in their bodies. If you practice mindfulness on a daily basis, you may notice when your body temperature is off by .2 degrees, or when you’ve had even the slightest bit too much sugar. If this is you, you will probably notice the effects of CBD earlier than your less self-aware counterparts.

Many of us are not in tune with our bodies enough to notice small changes. The hustle and bustle of daily life, and our constant busyness, may keep our attention until a major shift happens in our bodies. If you are not particularly aware when small changes happen in your body, there is a chance that you will actually have to regularly take CBD for a week or more before you notice any difference. This is because CBD is non-psychoactive and is not intended to make enormous physical changes.

The purpose of taking CBD is to subtly bring your body back into balance.

If you are not feeling the effects of your CBD gummies and it has been at least two hours, take some time to take a few deep breaths and focus on your body. Notice if any muscles that are usually tense have relaxed. Pay attention to your heart rate. Take a minute to check in with the spots that normally hurt. You may be surprised to find that you are actually experiencing the effects of your gummies, and delighted to find that things just feel… better … with no other side effects.


CBD gummies take a while to kick in. But they are among the most popular form of CBD delivery available, likely because they are discreet and tasty at the same time. They also produce longer-lasting effects than other forms of CBD.

Since they are digested and must pass through the liver before any effects are felt, factors like your diet, metabolism, and activity level will affect the length of time it takes for the effects to kick in.

Usually, it takes about 20 minutes to feel anything, but pay attention to your body for signs that the gummies are working. Experiment with taking more if you do not feel anything within a couple of hours.


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