As a college student, you have so much going on. With all the projects, deadlines, studying, and lectures, it's hard to keep everything else under control.

This feeling of being overwhelmed is what prevents students from leading a healthy lifestyle and taking care of their diet. And that leads to gaining some weight and developing unhealthy habits.

getting fit is mind over matter

However, it’s important that you get back in shape and keep your body fit. This is primarily for your health. In addition, it will make you feel better about yourself and you’ll have the extra energy to spend doing other things that you love.

6 Tips on How to Get Fit as a College Student

To help you learn how to stay in shape in college, we've put together a list of 6 valuable tips that actually work. Let's take a closer look.

1. Learn Self-Discipline

You’ve set a goal in front of yourself. You want to get fit and improve your physical health.

Just like with any other goal, this will be virtually impossible unless you master the art of self-discipline.

Self-discipline will ensure that you:

  • focus on achieving your goals
  • don’t allow yourself to give up
  • sacrifice a little something to gain a lot
  • stay disciplined throughout the entire process

There will be times when you'll want to go back to your old habits. There will be a moment when you'll wish you quit working on self-improvement and give up.

But, if you're self-disciplined you'll motivate yourself to push through these moments and get back to the steps in your plan.

2. Reorganize Your Time

Most college students find it hard to exercise regularly because they lack free time. While there's some truth to this issue, we believe that with just a bit of effort, you can reorganize your day. (Check out the Pomodoro technique)

The Pomodoro Technique is a great time management technique. [Image Credit: Fractus Learning]

All you have to do is plan your day and stick to your schedule:

  • study time
  • leisure time
  • exercise time

Plan each day ahead and maximize your productivity to achieve all your daily goals. To be able to make this happen you’ll have to:

  • give up on all time-wasting distractions

Do, instead of scrolling down social media or watching Netflix for 2 hours, work on getting fit and achieving the rest of your daily goals.

3. Find Your Exercise

If you find exercising to be boring, monotonous, or even unpleasant, you probably haven’t found the type of training that fits you and your taste.


Just because your friend enjoys jogging and uses it to stay fit in college, it doesn’t mean this activity will suit you as well. This is why you have to explore as many options as possible until you find what you like.

We suggest you try:

Apart from the sports and activities we’ve listed above, feel free to try anything that will keep you up and running. However, make sure that you feel good and satisfied during your workout sessions.

Once you fall in love with a workout system, a sport, or a type of exercising, you’ll be willing to do it regularly.

That will help you stay healthy and fit.

4. Embrace a Healthy Diet

Let’s just get something out of the way. Embracing a healthy diet doesn’t mean you need to starve or reduce the amount of food you take on a daily basis.

On the contrary.

Embracing a healthy diet is about never starving, eating regularly, and making wise choices about what you eat.

But, there are some golden rules to staying fit that you simply have to obey:

  • remove all refined sugars from your diet
  • eat as much fresh food as possible
  • eat very little or no bread, pastry, and pasta
  • choose highly nutritious ingredients

For instance, instead of eating store-bought oatmeal that you just mix with water and eat, you can make your own from fresh ingredients. Use oats, plant-based milk, and mix it up with some blueberries, bananas, and walnuts.

Naturally, you'll have your cheat day every now and then but embrace a healthier as a lifestyle, not as something you'll do until you lose weight.

5. Workout in Between

Your official workout isn’t the only physical activity you should embrace during the day. With a little bit of a lifestyle change, you can get a lot more physically active doing ordinary daily activities.

Here are a couple of practical ways you can get even more active during the day:

  • walk or ride a bike whenever you can
  • avoid taking the bus or a taxi
  • spend as much time outdoors as possible
  • avoid elevators and always take the stairs
  • make your social gatherings more active (e.g. bowling instead of just having drinks)

With a couple of small changes, you'll be as active and energized during the entire day.

6. Sleep Regularly

Another answer to the question of how to stay in shape in college is definitely to sleep regularly.

Regular sleep is one of the basic things our body needs to function properly. That means that without it, we'll hardly be able to achieve all our goals or even our basic daily needs.

Sleeping regularly will influence your journey towards getting fit and here’s how:

  • you’ll be able to follow your schedule
  • you’ll be energized
  • you’ll reduce stress
  • you’ll have the time to focus on your plans and tasks
  • you’ll be more focused and productive

So, make sure that you stick to a regular sleeping schedule and allow your body to take a rest from all the hard work you’ve been doing the entire day.

Final Thoughts

Getting fit isn’t about exercising constantly and eating greens. It’s about finding a formula that works for you and motivates you to keep working on achieving that balanced lifestyle that will result in you being fit.

Use the tips we’ve listed above to stay fit in college. Never stop working on your goals and make sure you stay happy in the process.

Author Bio:

Marques Coleman is a blog writer at TrustMyPaper. He specializes in marketing and copywriting. Moreover, he is an avid traveler and always tries to learn something new.


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